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New and old and entertain for a few months now most experts have said this awards season would be full of wins for dunkirk the shape of water the post call me by your name get out and ladybird then the golden globes threw a wrench in the plan by giving a number of awards including best drama two three billboards outside app and missouri but with three billboards comes a lot of controversy the movie focuses on frances mcdormand character mildred hayes who rents three billboards to call out the local police the local police that hasn't solved the abduction rape and murder of her daughter but this story takes a back seat for a long stretch to tell the story of a supremely racist police officer who has a legally tortured a black man in custody on one hand many contend that sam rockwell's character officer dixon is never forced to reckon with his racism or even denounce his actions before the movie tries to make him into a sympathetic hero in an age of increased scrutiny and police officers behavior toward black citizens this movie tries to tackle a racist cop without including any black characters in its main cast there are several black characters on the margins of the story but none that ever really take centre stage still others argue that this movie is about the toxicity of these racial bias sees that were supposed to distant dixon and the town that refuses to hold him accountable as one character in the movie says violence only begets more violence three billboards features a lot of violence and ultimately none of the perpetrators are entirely good people i don't think anyone would argue that frances mcdormand and sam rockwell don't deliver exceptional performances but the movie script has left it open to debate over whether it's denouncing police brutality or accepting it as a part of life controversy can be a good thing for a film but it will be interesting to see how the awards conversation around three of billboards outside adding missouri continues to form will the controversy allow it.

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