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I'm going to have to go with. Ten percent. Okay now you're really going. No? No, no no, it's Nineteen percent in the House and twenty in the. Senate. That's before the last election that was before last election. I was guessing you know hedging my bets because of the question so. Maybe get it right. But I I didn't think we're GONNA save fifty percent right you know if we were in discount in Scandinavian countries yeah. We would be in those ranges and and that's why. We need to increase the percent of women here in office. And as far as child marriage you know UNICEF indicates that child marriages human rights abuse child marriage is marriage under the age of eighteen. And the State Department indicates Shoulda reported into any sixteen that said child marriage is a fundamental violation of human rights in other countries and what I'd say is what about our country? What about our kids to find out that it's still legal in forty eight states when we say you country's GonNa, do this we have to put you on different years. We have a report and we put you on different tiers because you don't do this to find out that child marriage was still available here. In. This stuff are really like to get into a moment, but we're still back in university in. Economics. Again. I'm trying to shift it not on me on what we're doing. It. Yeah. No I totally appreciate it. So how after you graduated then you had your first job. Yes as Building, systems analyst. Yes, and so how was your career path shaping out and then then into the transition of you know your your current I. Mean I have I had interview yesterday in the ladies empress and I find your like almost the empress. This mission and I think it's a wonderful mission that you're doing in. So how did how did that I mean you said growing up with your father bit the idea of service in nurturing you. So how did this snowball start to build in in? You're like, I'M GONNA put my efforts into this after your first job out of university. No this this came in a later know my first job we were doing other things, but also to help the community then I only worked in that for a year then I became. A financial. Senior financial analyst for an Investment Bank. In Kuwait and I was responsible for the foreign portfolio of that bank, and so we dealt with all the foreign banks that wanted a piece of that pie and then, and then I came here to the US. And I went and Reema just. So 'cause I know you want to promote what you're doing but I think your your your life is powerful. So like even in the things that you've done even those what we could pass over like going to university taking economics getting your first job and then working in finance and these. These big. That's a powerful message that is encouraging to listeners as well. Showing that you know look what you can do like. These are some things you can do while also raising awareness for some of the tragedies that are going on in this world. So I, think both are really good to you know it's not just stop this, but also there is a better way to do this life or to live this life..

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