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You're listening to Tom Selleck and this is the top sellers Dan Connery in for Tom today Tom gonna finish the year off with you tomorrow but I want to wish everybody a very very happy new year let's have a great twenty twenty it's going to be a home dinner it's going to be roller coaster but we're all ready for it and a it's it is some of the reporting that I've watched over the last two days and the some of the commentary on this there is this accepted anti semitism insisted except the eight I put it in plain English plane Jew hatred I taught my home support culturally supported in the home just because this guy from Harlem is a psycho any any drove up there he drove up there and if I don't hear the of the of the news bites earlier today we're still looking for a motive why he's eighty anti semite Jew hater cycle path well he might be mentally ill and he's been hospitalized if you talk I don't care I don't think it was mentally ill I think we all know that guns psycho when desert mental illness so and again no one is ever get a pass so why should get a pass I know that there are people who are on fit for trial that's certainly a different conversation and I agree with us with legitimate determinations I believe there are some people who are so smoked in the brain it's like get lost because during what yeah let's just put him and hope for the best but did you notice it and again I do this to myself and ten so I don't know why but let me take don first in California then I'll I'll address my media analysis and the cultural approach Hey Donna California happy new year my friend you're on the Tom Sullivan Show I'm Dan Connery thanks for your time go right ahead thank you Liane yes I'm going over how to ask you this question since I called and then you get a real good job because you really can break down stuff really well thanks I'm old man yeah I'm I'm a little because I can't do that you have time to answer that damn old man that let you solicitation all this art all kinds of stuff and I've heard this if you hate to all my life and which brings about all the nice data slavery and all that stuff but there was flavors of where you choose your lan order aren't you I mean why yeah yeah get it done by you I don't understand I really don't I'm sincere I really don't John all right you're a you're you say you're an old man let me ask you this question if you look at let's historically yeah you I promise we'll both for probably not around for the Holocaust but it's safe to say that Doug against to Hitler picked who's the there with easy mark there with easy prey of the Jews that I know personally growing up my talent they said listen don't make a big deal out of it we don't want to much attention this was in it and we all know is an anti semitic attack and but there there's just something culturally about them like don't make waves and it's time for them to make waves it's time for them to stand up and say listen you know you if you go to these public schools across the country speaking of his being coverage hatred for the president being encouraged and had culturally tolerated ever supporting this bring a star of David flag on to the college campus today then bring the nicest way see which ones applauded and see which want to spit upon that's the reality today it's been taught fomented bio certainly professors and the think tanks that they they they pretend to have this an academic analysis what it's it's the pure hatred you have I I got it I I yeah I wanna you know my first answer to that is it maybe I don't wanna know you should do a good job there damn it well I'm not I I I appreciate the call happy new year you have a great day pushing in time eight five five two nine five sixty six hundred eight five five two nine five sixty six hundred you know the easy prey the easy mark that's what the bully goes after that's what the wanna be bully go the old of or the full tough guy my father raised me this was a moderate and this was a boxing champion the marine corps he raised me to realize you're a tough guy when you learn how to take a beating and for my money yeah every person of Jewish faith that I work with on the NYPD some of the toughest human beings ever met in my life I knew I was very very safe in their hands my garbage man grandfather who lifted up garbage for forty years and and he always had a phrase you made one tough Jewish guy let me tell you some yeah that's one guy you could take out about five to six people because they're nuts the guys like that the young never again really means something but again culturally my friends via Jewish faith don't want to make waves they don't want the attention because it culturally they feel that the government's going to turn on academia's going to turn on him and I'm gonna sell them out down the road guess what they're right hi he blew it build the Blasio the communist who for with the Sandinistas and then coached his son when he first became mayor he said I coach my son how to deal with NYPD officers by the way have you seen the latest tape one cop get sucker punched by a by a guy and they get into a a Donnybrook free for all and the of the lowered standard who's his royal court in cold partner the lowest standards as please Mr please Mr now this is what we're dealing with the lowered standard unsinkable behavior like that when I was on the street is a cop you could look your fellow cops in the face if you let something like that fly I go back to the water to salt slash attacks I go back to them no very bad that's not gonna be tolerated I was about firing a police officer will before putting a little a gym and hold on a morbidly obese Choquet who refuse to comply with a lawful order guy was loaded up with okay he gave himself a fatal heart attack all you had to do was turn around so you yes Sir that's how I was raised cop pulls up your your listing here on the corner and now you got to go now and I tell a very funny story about when I was a kid in Brooklyn where you you had group of wannabe tough guys we stood on the corner of no stood in the Avenue J. and the cow will pull up and just put his nightstick down say listen I want to take a ride around the block of your here and the night stick is is still here we can have a problem guess what we were gonna none nights and that night sticks stood right were was there's a there's no legitimate to worry a base fear the right word of of authority I think it is a good word I think of fear of authority is it is an excellent phrase when your mom and dad used to give you the quote unquote the look guess what you got cold hello what's called a free you got scared you actually yes it open yeah I crossed the line on that one I'm going to go away now one going to shut my mouth now now you got a cop sucker punched two days ago and his worthless so it into the bag of flesh next door no corn called his partner worthless worth whereas yeah yeah we we give we have to sit Merten look at each other everything's going great lowered standards with the right way to go Mike it's just incredible and and I hope you understand I hope you guys look at the New York City is a litmus test and the entire state of California as the litmus test of failure a government failure local us again when you have of the local authorities in California and the governor governor Newsome and you have a governor call me and made the Blasio when they start saying it's Washington it Washington's bad they're ruining I yeah okay time to wake up and and act like an adult this is the top selling show eight five five two nine five sixty six hundred I'm Dan Connery happy new year will be back right after this very quick break.

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