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Weather settles in across north Texas and icy roads. They're causing a massive miss for drivers. A number of highways and interstates in the area are shut down as KR LDS Alan Sky a explains from the scene of a massive pile up right now on the I 35 Bridge. Started losing control on 35 w South, bound between 28th Street in Northside Drive fired Martin, the Fort Worth Fire Department might drift all says dozens of cars were involved. Several trucks jackknife to rolled over as well, and a winter storm warning is in place for much of that area. Back here at home. An investigation is underway into the murder of a 12 year old boy. The boy's family found his body in a creek bed behind their neighborhood in southwest Atlanta. He had been shot several times. He was reported missing on Tuesday after he left for friend's house near Shirley Street and never returned. Atlanta Police have yet to release a motive or any suspects. Neighbors report hearing gunshots Near the home last night or Tuesday night. The Health Department of Hillsborough County in Florida has launched a national effort. Now the track over 19 cases connected to the Super Bowl. The department hopes to get data from other states to understand if the game and the celebrations following we're super spreader events. Footage of postgame celebrations in Tampa, Florida showed many fans celebrating without face coverings the push to get onto some essential workers to push to get some essential workers. The corner virus vaccine is underway and they want to get those shots as soon as possible. Diane King Hall has more new calls today for grocery store workers to get expedited. Corona virus vaccine access along with hazard pay. The United Food and Commercial Workers Union says workers continue to face exposure to the virus. The nation's largest grocery worker union says that covert 19 is to blame for at least 400 food worker death in many grocery store workers say they feel for gotten in the vaccine rollout plans and as we get the unemployment numbers this morning, another 793,000 Americans filing first time claims, CNN's Christine Romans says This is another reminder that there's a lot of pain in this economy right now, and you need a fiscal fire hose here. Try to keep these people hold until the economy can come out on the other side and a bit of good news on jobs here in metro Atlanta, Microsoft planning to make a metro Atlanta a major hub, adding to regional data centers that could create thousands of jobs as we take a look at the WSB market watch the Dow is down a point at 31,438. NASDAQ is up 71. The S and P s up..

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