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In our schools. We have this right together. They're going to do that. Siro charter schools released a statement saying is disappointed at the strike authorization saying it's unfair to parents and students and they want to continue contract negotiations. The Illinois state board of education is out with the twenty eighteen Illinois report card the data show among other things the highest percentage of students enrolling in college. Since Illinois began reporting that category in two thousand team card. Also shows the Illinois students population has become increasingly diverse students of color now comprise the majority of Illinois students, wildly percentage of teachers who identify as white remains at about eighty three percent. A missionary from north west Indiana has been killed in the African nation of Cameroon. Authorities say Charles west go was fatally struck by a stray bullet while sitting in a car west from Michelle Walker had been serving in an area marked by fighting between government forces. Is in pro independence rebels. Let's goes brothers. A state lawmaker from the south bend area. And the governor issued a statement asking that all hoosiers offer, prayers and condolences Keith Johnson. Newsradio one zero five point nine FM. Just a few days before he was set to retire with a hefty pension the highest paid school superintendent in Illinois has been fired the daily south town report court reports court records show tripe parody who made more than four hundred thirty thousand dollars this past year as Kelly Matt city district. One fifty five superintendent was fired Friday following an investigation into alleged misconduct parodies of several misdeeds including patting his own pay without authorization is a lawyer denies the charges. But hasn't said if parody might sue to get the contract. Termination order lifted. WBZ news time, eight traffic.

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