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The. Hey there. Welcome to this edition of the selene show today. It's actually my husband Brett who sharing the message with you. And I'm just going to tell you. I'm freaking out because I haven't heard this episode yet. But. I'm nervous. I really am. Because you know, I wasn't in the room when he was recording it, and frankly, ladies, I'm sure there may have you who can relate to this a lot of times I end up being damaged control for my husband. If I'm sitting near him. I can kick him in the shins, and he'll not say that thing that I know is about to come out of his mouth. It's like so incredibly inappropriate. But you know, I wasn't with him while he was recording this. So I have at this moment while I'm recording this intro for you. I have not heard this episode. I'm nervous. So just to be safe. I think we should just assume that this is an adult only podcast. I would also like to say that my children are listening who by the way happened to be adults. You may not listen this episode could traumatize you Brock and Sierra. You do not want to listen to this episode. You know, everything you need to know about how to have a successful relationship. We don't know everything. But you. Been role model plenty and the rest, you'll figure out through successes and failures. Okay. Everybody else. Make sure the kids are out of the room. And I am not responsible for anything. This man says, but I love him. All right after the show. Welcome to the show lean show. She Lena's a near ties bestselling author celebrity fitness trainer obsessed with helping you live your life is up podcast family. How you guys doing today?.

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