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Teams came back during the bob Lanier era, but this is probably going to be the best Bond adventure team not from the greater 1970 71 72 era. Like big time stuff, that's the best. That's the best mid major team this season because saint bonaventure is a mid major program. If you've ever been there, I know how it operates like it just is Mark Schmidt's a magician there. A couple other ones if you're looking for a small schools that you should be aware of. Well, one more surprise in my top 25 because it's a team that I think you probably didn't even consider. Now, when you do your top 25 and one, you basically have a shifting group of what like 33 34 teams under consideration? Well, I mean, I start from opening night and then it dwindles. It typically dwindles over. If you're ranked 26th on the night of the title game, there's a good chance you ain't gonna survive it 'cause teams are going to add pieces, big pieces that push them into the rankings and then knocks you out. Unless you're somebody who also acts. Like if you are in the Clubhouse at 26 on the night of the title game, you ain't gonna make it. So I do end up like there were some teams that have been I've had ranked at various points in the off season. They got bumped out by I don't know Memphis jumping in. And other schools jumping. I think Oregon jumped in at some point when it did something Illinois jumped in when it got Kofi back. So USC was ranked at one I had them at one point that they're not in there now. Syracuse, I know I had in there at one point. They're not in there now. So it ends up being about, yeah, 30 to 32, 33 teams that at some point were probably in there. And I still keep the rosters in a file. So I can grab them if I ever need them. Okay, so I think the one team I have in my top 25 that's not in your bucket is Xavier. Would that be accurate? I never considered Xavier. That is true, but I am not ignorant to some of the preseason metrics. Like they are, I believe top 20 at torvill. Are they really? Okay. That's frustrating. But okay. Only because I thought I was maybe sneaking in the back door with X because at the end of it, I started doing this..

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