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And sixty hours in a year twenty eight grams in different nasal candy right a thousand gigabytes and a terabyte long term steel drop front stash box unexpected became expected real shit disrespected seconds to meet the difference between life in there every day i wake up in open my eyes i'm list dealers knows thirty on the bottom forty couch potato pillows freedom guy not like them where to hear the vacuum seller all real nigga knows willard thirty on the bottom forty couch potato guy not like them to hear the vacuum ciller the dealers yes indeedy that was none other than e forty feature stress matic with meet the diller's off the brand new album connected and respected that is a joint project between the two legends themselves cousins that is b legit and e forty i hope you all enjoyed that record and i'm gonna get you guys on another record off the album right about now so please check that record out and enjoy but in the meantime inbetween time makes you guys tell a friend man to tap in and all of that good stuff and every week the same time same place but right now we're gonna get ready to play the record this one is called boy up the connected and respected album check it out and enjoy good wait a little boy wait wait.

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