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Was a lot of ribs there. Let's how i also them for lunch. So how did you sleep after meets. What school did sleep really really funny. You say that now comes to mind. But i And i'm not bragging. Is i guess Soon as you start a sentence by saying you're not bragging right you are. You're actually bragging. Yeah so what are we. we're recording. This suit is january eleventh. yes levin straight days on the Stationary bike or inter. Mentally the rolling. Okay so here's the key with that okay. You can't just tread water so you can't ride the by eat four pounds of ribs have two beers and think you're making six not here here very very right but again now. You didn't explain this to made the last time we brought this up which was episode or two ago where you are. You're this was nice freight your said. Hey don't go crazy on the bike or running. She just take it easy animal in yup and i and i've done that on. I'm around thirty minutes so it's not that but now we got to bring cami into the mix here because your diet stuff is the second part of the equation that i've got out. Well she's she can help you out with that. Problem is the plans always look good. My biggest thing is. I told her to hide all that when i came back. Just put it away like all the christmas stuff that still around because if i get into it yeah you're gonna eat it. It's no good no good. Do you ever zor goto chocolate Any chocolate what are the ones ferrall. Rochet i mean it's yeah i like those i those but drake's honestly any chocolate i Salted salted jot dark chocolate with almonds alumni. Not can eat it by the bucket. I watched the second half of the steelers browns football game yesterday and it was taking everything in my willpower. Not to get up and walk back to where i think. The chocolates are the only thing that was keeping my amusement was one of our producers. Sam it's been a lifelong browns fan. The on the game started to get close. I started taxed. And all sam. It'll be fine and he was not happy. Sent me a a gift of this. Karate master standing there oppose and another guy just booting. Nemann junk eagle stats. Feels like i've seen that gives. That's ridiculous we won't because it'll crack episode five and and we may have thus more time in it because we're not just a hockey podcast right. We we talked about all sorts of things. Here is we just exemplified. I watched the first portion of the tiger woods documentary. Old good I mean yeah. It's good it's good. It's good maybe. Maybe not as deep as i was expecting to get i learned something though i mean i think we all had a pretty decent impression. What earl woods all. There's more dark in woods. Like okay guy with how he lived his life and all of those things. So i don't wanna spoil it for you because i know that that we'll be getting to mum..

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