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He's amazing most time but like sometimes they just want someone to talk show with me. It's like i feel the same way. Women should have to stop. Stop talking shit. It's very as long as it's harmless like. I love gossiping with my sister about what's happening in the family. Yeah our family our town. I just like it's nice love gossiping. It's why reality t._v. Does so yeah because it's like you want to be a voyeur and get into the lives of other people. I don't want to stir up ought to be better like that if that means being better. I don't wanna be this quickey over. Okay all right bye. I know gossip forever gossip four well. Everywhere everywhere on your sheets just became and brown okay all right. We're here for a long time. We're here for a good time. Thanks for listening and make sure to rate and review this podcast. Wherever you get your podcast we have new obsessively gang every tuesday and thursday follow us on social media at the lady gang <hes> follow us personally at kelty most importantly at becca and at jack panic and we will see next tuesday if you love this podcast which you do right. I need you to love it. I need that in my life but anyway if you love us. You'll probably love another show on the leading network. We have four right now. We have the stacks podcasts which is our book club and official book podcast. We have ladies like us. Our newest <hes> show with nazanin and nadia and they are so funny. They're talking about real things and i just love them. Show mass with kevin and jana. It's a huge hit. You guys are loving it. They're so funny. They bring in best friends and berry soon. Jack and i are going to be on that show too and then momma said jamie lynn and sigler in jeddah peres are there and they're talking the shitty gritty nitty and freddie of motherhood check out all of our shows wherever you get your podcasts.

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