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On knbr 68 v sports leader was that from our for natura from his press conference yesterday matt on y'all got was from her for knack god yet as a nice conversation and there is a really good content this week from knbr i i'm not i am a knbr homer but you also know that i'm going to crack when i need to die yeah john lynch thursday with taubert alone was really good a cow she and a hand with mervyn mac yesterday morning nice and then i believe it was wednesday robert sala on with gerry larry fire dude really good in his ace you could tell why he's such an attractive or he was such a tractive candidate for defensive coordinator and he's quite frank we know he's smart i mean this guy ran wall street china and he was a big hedge funds guy if i've got my information correct but then you can hear just the way he communicated how frank he was an and you'll hear some of the highlights next segment in the sounds of the week just to give you a tiny little roadmap howard doing things today james lofton's on the call of tomorrow's game from levi's he'll be on cbs we'll hear from him at the top of the hour ten o'clock we'll also hear from cal head coach justin wilcox i'm kinda wrap up the season i thought it was a way way better season that that was expected going into it back in august you're like cal may get two wins they finished with five i know two and seven in the conference is not what justin wilcox was looking for but man they had some some skinny losses as c stanford ucla to conclude the year and now we've got recruiting coming up letter of intent days december 20th to the 22nd so i had a chance to catch up with justin wilcox and you'll hear that conversation in the ten o'clock hour my boy gabe rangel he'll be rolling in i went out to dublin california how far you from dublin brian benefit timmy walnut creek in dublin 20 minutes of our twenty minutes yet farther than you might think though i don't let that are in the same vicinity but i'm wrong yeah i know twenty two twenty walnut creek over dublin though well yama walnut creek omer unite out for the right for life dude for life why went out there tuesday morning on.

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