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Vaccinated for a while after the shooting last night police found a gun near that site in downtown brooklyn the weapon described as a black three eighty caliber handgun to ninety eight state street it's unclear right now if that is related to the triple shooting days deadline day for federal funding for the gateway rail tunnel into the city federal department of transportation set this date for new york and new jersey to stay in the running for billions to complete the new hudson river tunnel the centerpiece of a project to replace a century of rail infrastructure into the city yesterday officials said dot a letter asking for an extension on the two year project development phase if they don't get it will further jeopardize the project faces a tough time getting funding and it would also delay construction currently set to start next year wins news time five oh four off to scotland and don't hurry dak that's the sound of london protesters during president trump's visit yesterday he is planning a private weekend in the scottish golf club before monday summit with russian president vladimir putin all of this after an awkward meeting with british prime minister theresa may after the president's comments in an interview for a moment they were holding hands again like old friends as president trump and prime minister may arrived at the press conference but right out of the gate a question from the british press about the president's from blistering interview criticizing the prime minister publicly criticized the prime minister's policy didn't criticize the prime minister of a lotta respect for the prime minister may is fighting for her political life on this very issue that is correspondent terry moran reporting and then there was the tea with the queen who was waiting when he first lady melania trump arrived at windsor castle her majesty shepherded mr trump through an inspection of troops and then took them inside for a brief meeting wins news time five oh five hillary clinton was speaking to a teacher's union convention in pittsburgh yesterday telling them to keep fighting the trump administration policies that she says up end american values we have never seen such organized cruelty disdain and contempt for those values people used to hide the way they felt they wouldn't come right out and say what they were thinking which was good that's part of the process of civilization and clinton said a recent supreme court decision against labor unions will not prevent teachers from fighting for school safety and funding wins news time five oh five the governor of kentucky's getting schooled on social media people in west louisville took offence at his facebook post about a school visit matt bevins' made these comments with video of african american kids playing chess i'm here at the titty academy i'm about to go in and meet the members of the west louisville chess club not something you necessarily would have thought of when you think of this section of town city councilman who represents area called perpetuating a stereotype of the african american community posters at facebook.

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