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Headlines Take him 79 Days. Hey, KBC News at 2 30. I'm Kevin Trip with breaking NEWS. An FDA advisory panel is recommending emergency youth authorization of the modern, a covert 19 vaccine that was expected and that could mean that vaccine is available starting sometime next week. Strong winds are heading to the high desert this afternoon. Gusty winds and reduced visibility from blowing dust will make driving difficult. Gusty winds could blow around unsecured objects, tree limbs could be blown down, and a few power outages may result. From the Randy Wayne KBC Ukulele Update desk, A Pittsburgh teacher found a way to buy hundreds of you kill a lease for her students during remote learning. That's ukulele news from the Randy Weighing KBC Ukulele Update desk on Wall Street. All the major indexes closed up. Some of them were in record territory. The Dow closed above 30,000. KBC weather tonight mostly clear in the evening, then partly cloudy lows in the mid forties to mid fifties Northwest winds 15 to 25 MPH shift into the northeast after midnight. Tomorrow partly cloudy in the morning then sunny highs in the mid sixties to around 70 northeast winds 15 to 25 MPH Right now in downtown L. A. It's 61 degrees get the latest news twice an hour and as it breaks here, 7 90 kbc Now here's ABC sports again anyway, Kevin trip I let you down more specifically, my Spotify let me down because my ukulele is not play. No. Okay. We'll just have to play the sound The music bed game one more time. Okay, give me a random story. Give me a random stuff song and I'll come up with a story for it. Here we go Going around the world. 321. Hey, Doctor, Kong,.

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