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Line. There was some doubt about him being in the lineup. But he's there Radic FOX. And then starting at the right wing is going to be Andrew cog Leon all for the Blackhawks starting a goal. Corey crawford. Fifteen eleven in one in his career against the Dallas Stars. That defense are Duncan Keith Eric Gustafsen upfront from left to right dominant. Cahoon starts at left wing centering the hawks opening line, Artem Anisimov and starting at the right wing Patrick Kane referees tonight or Bryant Bryant park Mara. And Brad Watson, the linesmen are Scott Driscoll and Johnny Murray. Tonight's opening face is sponsored by chevydriveschicago dot com to be the best. You have to beat the rest. See why Chevy is once again, the number one bestselling brand in Chicago. And now eight years running underway here in Dallas play in the hawk zone of the left wing corner. Blake. Komo's got the puck tears up the boards drops it back in the corner. Kagera no chips it behind the hawk net around the right corner to FOX who put it back in behind the hawk net for cog Leon. He was checked against the end boards there by Gusta sin, and Artem Anisimov will flip the puck down ice into the Dallas zone. Walk has it was circle to the right of khudobin moving at a head of the Dallas line to coamo, Jamie. Benn hawk line on the right wing. He coughed it up here. Come the hawks the other way into the stars on down the right wing David camp draw strike for a moment. Thereby by FOX who took the puck away carried up the right wing boards and swept it back down behind the Dallas net. Khudobin centered around up the far side Jason spetsnaz got it there. Moves it ahead to center ice. The puck is picked off by the hawks and Marcus will flip it off the left wing boards and down behind the Dallas. Now, Dovan winds it around up the far side of the ice. Brett Ritchie falls underneath Dylan Sikora who wedges the puck down in behind the stars net. John Klingberg brought it out moves. It ahead on the left wing to mirrow. Hey skin, and he clears to center ice. Connor Murphy took it back for the hawks got into the stars on along the right boards and Almaty Matijas. John Mark will pick it up for Dallas pairing to center ice moves it in over the hawk line down the right wing to Joel S barracks. He's down in behind the hawk net. Respironics up from the team in Austin the American Hockey League team the Texas stars. And now the hawks attack here's secure into the stars on right point, flips it over off the left corner board's intended for Jonathan as it's over. Stick stars the other way, Jamie vent through center ice over the hawk line in the left circle tried to pull off a shock. Brent Seabrook got in there with a stick to knock it away to the corner pays put it up the near boards picked off by the stars. Jason. Dickinson who fires from the left wing side off the side of the hawk net. Seabrook oh chase. The puck down now along the right wing boards. Pass ahead up the right wing to Dylan's occur. They'll drive it down the boards in behind the stars. Who dole went out to play the puck to the near boards to ASA lyndale MRs on a pass across the rink this deflection behind the hawk net. Corey Crawford plays. It had to Brandon Saad who couldn't clear but air Costas and came along and chips it down to the stars line. Alex debrincat there we'll flip it back into the hawk zone. Duncan Keith between the circles parrot ghosts system along the left wing boards passing up the right wing, Brendan per Leaney at center ice hands it off to Dylan strong steps in over the stars line stopping at the right point. And then guns it in on goal. A stick. Save made by Dolman lyndale picks up the rebound moves up the right wing side, shot the puck to the hawk blue long and took it away there for the hawks Alex debrincat. He drops it back in the hawk zone gusts. Listen between the circles will take the puck and back scape to the right wing boards and pass over the center, ice circle. Artem Anisimov coming off a two goal performance against buffalo. He's into the stars on down the right wing side, spun it behind the net up the far side Carl dolls from flip. The fuck. Back in behind the Dallas net is intended for Patrick Kane. But hey skin another stars. Got it back to Radic clocks into the hawk zone point. And he fired one over the net. Here's FOX are. Now back in behind the hawk net fan the left wing circle mural. Hey skin to the corner then in behind the hawk net. Look out into the right circle where police officer shot at Crawford came out and met him with a butterfly save wasps on the puck to the left and the Natta holds on three minutes and thirty one seconds are already gone in this hockey game here in Dallas. And we have no score. Everyone's happy that they got a four line rotation. Everybody gets involved early a of quality chances to shots for the stars. One for the hawks every goal and assist by Kane. Sponsored by chevydriveschicago dot com. Log on right now and enter to win the Chevy Blackhawks custom Camaro convertible. Take your best shot draw to the left the prophet. And it's one by the hawks tastes put it to the corner, and then dolls from gave it up the Ben left circle the high slot. Klingberg fires punched that with a blocker save from Crawford. Then took the puck on the side turns around and fires forgot in front of that with a scrambling state. Then got it back along the boards to Klingberg at the line, flips it to the left point. And he fires a shot that missed the hawks net. Now, let pass tastes to secure over the stars line dropped at the right point to Saad. Trying to wipe it down the boards picked up by. Hey, skin, lose it up the right wing Dickinson at center ice, put it in over the hawk blue line. Here's a shot from Klingberg from the slot that missed the net force. With the puck in behind the hawk net. Put it into the near corner to Brent Seabrook. He'll pass it up the right wing Taves at the stars line hands. It off Brendan Pearleen racing down the right wing carrying in behind the Dallas net around the left wing half boards down to the left corner. Debrincat's knocked off his stick to the line held in at the left point. No, they're going to say it was not held in by Gustav forsling. The hawks are offsides on this play. No score on the game. Wasn't quite sure. What Karl term was doing his own. In today's Johnson as one that defensive zone. Face off to the left hand side of Crawford. Dalstrom of blind backhand pass in behind the net. The only guy who was there was the stars, Jamie. Ben some chaos ensued around the crease area hawks able to avoid some disaster on that little play. But that's the park management that we're talking about at the beginning of the broadcast and Brandon Saad turned one over just inside the stars blue line, and that gave the stars an opportunity to counterattack with an odd man rush marriage. The puck better Ben Lovejoy acquired. From New Jersey back before the deadline shot the puck off the glass into the hawk zone. Here's gusts us and waving a pass up the right wing side. The Kruger at the stars line over sticking down behind the net. Then raced in tuck it away from luxury circle Kunitz fires kicked out of there by khudobin getaway. John Mark to center ice crossing the hawk line left wing to Ritchie moving down toward the end. You got away backhand turned wide by Crawford who held this position next to the near post. Now, here's a two on one developing for the hawks David Campo the stars line, right circle. The left circle back to campus. David Campese, go with Chris camp, the recipient of a pass at the top of the crease, and he steps it past khudobin and the Blackhawks Lee down here in Dallas. It's one nothing. Hawks in excellent play all around. They did an excellent job Krueger did of getting the zone and that created that two on one opportunity David camp. Nice little saucer pass over the Kunitz goaltender moves all the way across from his left to right top to get back at five hole opened up for David camp to get his fourth of the season. He had gone thirty one previous games though scoring a goal. And that's a big one for the hawks that line is put together as a checking line kunas camp at Kruger. But they get the offensive down there for that goal. And every Blackhawks goal scored tonight..

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