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The world record is 51, 41. Sydney McLaughlin the 22 year old American. There is no stopping her. 50.6. It's a world record. Sydney McLaughlin has just smashed her own record. Sydney McLaughlin puts her stamp on the world track and field championships. Aaron judge continues his quest to pass Babe Ruth and Roger Maris in Yankees home run history. In a new champion, rises from one of the most grueling Tour de France is in history. From wondering, I'm Tate Frazier. And I'm Sarah kazel, it's Monday, July 25th, and this is starting 5 5 sports headlines in ten minutes. The track and field world championships came to a close on Sunday and Eugene Oregon. And if you didn't already know the name Sydney McLaughlin, you should really know by now. Yeah, you really should take, let's go back to Friday night. When we saw an absolutely monumental performance by the 22 year old. She scorched the competition in the final of the 400 meter hurdles, clocking in at 50.68 seconds. That smashed her previous world record of 51 14 set just last month at the U.S. championships and marked the fourth time she broke the world record for that event in the past 13 months. To put into perspective, just how fast her time of 50.68 was, that same time would have placed her 7th in Friday night's 400 meter final, which does not involve hurdles. So that was Friday night. Then Sunday Night, McLaughlin nabbed yet another gold in the four by four relay for Team USA, she anchored the final leg of the winning relay, turning in a blazing fast 47.8 split to bring home the victory. New Jersey, rock Tywin field earlier this week with an unimaginable world record in the 400 meter hurdles. Now she leads home nation and her team home. Team USA wins gold, Sydney's done for the team. Yes, she sure did, and with that win, the U.S. finished the track and field world championships with 13 gold medals, 9 silver, and 11 bronze. Also Sarah speaking of that four by 400 relay team, they qualified for the final stinks to a pretty epic return from one of the all time great American sprinters. Alison Felix. She had run what she thought would be the final race of her career back in July 15th, taking bronze as part of the USA's mix four by four relay team. But she got an unexpected call a few days later. I was a hot wings cafe, like one of my favorite sheet meal restaurants I was having hot wings and a root beer float. And I was just diving into that when I got a phone call and they just asked if I'd be willing to come back and run around and help the team get in position. And so drop the wing and then I jumped on a plane to head back here. After jumping back onto that plane, she ran into the prelims before being relieved in the finals. I just have to say Tate. I truly love the visual of her tearing into this big, delicious meal. And then she has to drop the wing mid bite to go help set up Team USA for Sunday's final. That is just tremendous. Yeah, anything for Team USA. We love to see it. All right, let's move over to baseball now. We are in the middle of the Major League Baseball season and Yankee slugger Aaron judge is chasing history on the diamond, leading the majors in home runs, runs, and RBI. Judge hit his fourth home run in 5 games on Sunday in a win against the resurgent Orioles. Another Aaron judge. And once again, Aaron judge right on time. He's going to need a lot more ice because he continues to put the boys on his back. Oh, good one there. Tell us a little bit more about judges domination, carrying the team on his back this season. Yes, Sarah, that dinger extended judges lead in MLB's home run race to 7 over Kyle schwarber. And this is an all time Yankee season. And you know that is a big time statement when you're talking about the 27 time champion Brock's bombers. During Sunday 6 O win over the Orioles, judge became the fourth Yankee to hit 37 or more home runs before August 1st, joining guy an illustrious group of Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, and Roger Maris. And now Maris holds the Yankee home run record with 61, which some also considered the true MLB home run record. And right now, judge's own pace to just barely break that record, which is insane if you've kept up with baseball history. Yankees manager Aaron Boone acknowledged just how great judge has been so far this season after the game on Sunday. You know, before a second and bad when he's standing on the steps there with me. He apologized for his first attack. He said, wasn't good enough. I'll get you here. And he hit that ball out. He's looking at me running home from third base. I mean, he's just special player in the middle of a special season. The Yankees have cooled off a little bit lately. They're 5 and 8 in their last 13 games and are no longer on pace to break the single season MLB win record, but that's okay. They're still on track to win a 110 games, which is obviously amazing. And Aaron judge's teammate Giancarlo Stanton just won the All-Star Game MVP in LA last week. So if you're a fan of the Yankees, you're really enjoying this baseball this summer, Sarah. And even if you're not a fan of the Yankees Tate, hopefully you can still just enjoy the greatness anyway. Yeah, we'll see. Now to the NFL where the Houston Texans shared some somber news on Sunday, rookie wide receiver John ceci the third has been diagnosed with a form of leukemia and likely will not play this upcoming season. Sarah, can you break this down for us? That's right. Mechi was Alabama's leading receiver last season and he was drafted in the second round by the Houston Texans, despite tearing his ACL last December. He was expected to be fully cleared to play this fall. In a statement posted by the Texans on social media Sunday, mechi shared that he is facing acute, promyelocytic leukemia or APL, but he said he's in good spirits. He is receiving great medical care and he expects to make a recovery, adding that APL is, in his words, quote, the most curable form of leukemia. He added a thank you for everyone's well wishes and said, quote, I can not wait to come back stronger than ever. College coach Nick Saban also released a statement on Sunday, saying quote, John has overcome every challenge placed in front of him in his life with toughness and determination. We are behind him every step of the way in his fight against leukemia. Wow, yeah, Sarah. This story is obviously a lot bigger than football. And we send our well wishes here on the program to matchy and his family. Well, there was another blockbuster deal in the NHL this weekend Tate as the Calgary flames traded all star winger Matthew chuck to the Florida Panthers for forward Jonathan Hubert, and two other players, plus a future first round pick, the teams announced on Friday, so Tate break this all down for us. Yes, Sarah, this is the definition of a blockbuster and that is the right word when we talk about this trade because when you look at what happened here, kudos to both teams because this is a big swing. And these are two teams that have both had great regular seasons recently, but have failed to advance very far in the playoffs. And the hope seems to be that this trade, which is basically one young all star left winger for a slightly older all star left winger will be a win win scenario. Last season kuchuk who was still just 24 years old set career highs with 42 goals, 62 assists and a 104 points. Meanwhile, Hoover Doe, who is 29, not that old, said a Panthers franchise record with 85 assists and a 115 points. And this trade happened after chuck made it clear that he no longer wanted to play with the flames. Here's flames GM Brad tree living, discussing the deal on Saturday. Players have made choices. They've got every right to make those choices. You can crawl over into the corner Eric and the fetal position and suck your thumb or you can deal with it. And what we've tried to

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