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Here is a sound bite from our mayor. This is Lori Lightfoot. She's really good about going on MSNBC more people. Here's his rant, more people. Listen to WGN Radio in Chicago. Then watch MSNBC in Chicago. If you're the mayor of Chicago, and you want to reach Chicagoans about how your paneling the pandemic, you should go on Bob Surat show. Not the morning TV show on MSNBC because more Chicagoans are listening to Bob than watching MSNBC. Okay. This is what the mayor said. This is cut one. We've had three weeks of safely and implementing our plan until the teachers union blew it up. We had preschool and special needs teachers and their students back in our school since the beginning of January, so proof positive that our plan actually works. I do think the science and the medicine is on the mayor's side on the school side, but When you say they blew it up. That just doesn't help and that plays nationally. It doesn't play locally. It doesn't help. The union is guilty of that Lori Lightfoot gets angry sometimes, and she falls into that same trap. She last out it a reporter a couple of weeks ago who didn't deserve it, and I don't know if the union deserves it or not, But I'm telling you that language does not help. Later in the press conference, though, she said this we started a program just last week called Protect Chicago. Plus, we're going deep into the 15. Most challenged neighborhoods through the pandemic and providing them with free back scene. Free vaccine. They're going to go into the neighborhood. So I clicked around about that. I felt wow, that's kind of news. And I did find an article saying that the city has partnered with and Steve, You probably know more about this than I do, but they've partnered with this company. And its own amalgam of health providers in the Chicago Land area. You go on their site, and then it says, answer these questions. And so I did. And it said Congratulations. You qualify for the free vaccine schedule an appointment. They're all filled. They're all filth through February. You know, the I know that we need to learn to be patient at the end of the day, even if the systems were running perfectly. It still wouldn't magically mean that there would be more vaccine. There's only so much vaccine So while I do think we have a problem coordinating the sign up process. At the end of the day. The biggest problem is that there's just not enough vaccine out there. But should you sign up with Walgreens? Should you sign up with the state? The county A lot of people are just calling their doctor and saying, Hey, Doc, could you get me in line? And they said, we know you're doing that. So here in Chicago is Way to do it. You go on this site, but there's no appointments available on that site. So it's a mixed message. When the mayor says, Listen, all you teachers out there. We have even offered the teachers free vaccines. There's not enough vaccines. Part of the problem with that, too, is if you lined all of the teachers in the Chicago Teachers union up and said, OK, who wants the vaccine? A lot of them wouldn't take it. I'm not sure with CTU. His position on that is, But if they say we need the schools to be safe, and the teachers themselves won't take the vaccine Then Howard is the school's ever going to be safe. There in lies that problem. Um, what else we're gonna mention here? King John during the filming of Ground Hog Day. Don't know if you heard our conversation yesterday with Stephen Tobolowsky, the guy that plays Ned Ryerson on ground Hog day. We watched that movie in my house last night just for the fun of it. It was ground Hog's day after all, and we I've been talking about it on the radio, so we watch the movie. It was really fun. King John during the filming of Ground Hog Day. Was taking a quilting class. Across from.

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