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It's become normal that this happens and this is what the president United States does, and there are plenty of people, you know, at a rally who laugh and applaud and are right there with it. Women included. Yeah. Yeah. It's typical not normal and but yeah, it's become something that we've become used to hearing. And I think that the reason you see just it's not just men her laughing at it. There are women that are laughing at us because of what I was saying before, I think that this is very ingrained in our consciousness and the way we think about things. The idea that women's highest value comes from the way that they look or the idea that they're not as smart as man. So they have a low I q or if you're a racist person that you believe that a black person has a lower IQ. He is tapping into things that people think and and I and unfortunately people are going to get mad at me for saying that Trump. Reporter Trump supporters, think this way. Well, all I can say is, why are you laughing at this? Why are you supporting this? Because people who find it totally repugnant and recognize it for what it is, don't support him and don't want to be associated with him. Well, there's a basic lack of manners. Yeah, Dave Gergen, Pearson powers, appreciate it. Thank you. That's back to our breaking news on the missing Washington Post columnist President Trump claims. He has no financial interest in Saudi Arabia, no reasons to be sympathetic to them. We'll check out that claim when we come back. You know what's not smart job sites that overwhelm you with tons of the wrong resumes,.

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