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Guy stepped up to replace zack miller but he denied he's going to play it in practice at all this week so second round pick adam shahin is up next and he should be on the field for most of the game i'd say pick them up and fantasy football but it's the bears will play the whole game but they won't throw to him nicest every more head on the packers though right but some to tells me they're just gonna play daniel brown anyway it's weird the weird thing that the long litany of injuries comes off a byeweek then played in two weeks out already zhang out a name i mean who even place for the packers these days i know jordy nelson right i guess that long hair claremont klay matthews he plays right but wafter that i mean whose catch involves is stern sterling sharpe still stilts the lineup and saw what about mark murphy still plant safety what about tony mandarich yeah he's still protecting the blind side and how about kickers ldl greco still kicking for the packers all right of done you can't get any obtained ldl greco lining up for the thirty a kgb greta that was back in the day when they've just have the one bar on the kickers mess tomorrow big night for college football notre dame first miami leg holtz and timber mike urban it vinnie tests the verdy and the rock i think irakli football at the eu regularly they give a lot of credit to notre dame they've got a lot of tradition and use their traditions james yet give up our game against navy its tradition but this right here this is great tradition brought back in two teams that rugby to be playing each other right up looking at you penn state rutgers much playing rutgers what a big games and finally tonight chris bryant and his new bride found the got a chance to get away for their honeymoon now that baseball is over one problem they missed their flight sort of nato on twitter that they were thirty seconds late to the american air flight and they wouldn't let him on and the double kicker he tweeted about it and american air responded in got him on the flight he tweeted at three thirty eight pm today in american air respond ended in haste at three forty what it's nice to know that if you're a few minutes late or you need some customer service with american air you can tweet adam and now respond.

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