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The nation's border critics say the event to mark the battle of lepanto is directed against islam here's adam eastern the event is taking place on the feast of our lady of the rosary and on the anniversary of the battle of lepanto when a christian fleet defeated ottoman turks the decision to hold the prayer on the border on such an anniversary has caused concern among some church commentators that the event could be seen as antimuslim organizers say there is nothing political about the vent and the border was chosen to show that the prayer was not only for the salvation of poland but for the whole of europe and the wider world the russian opposition leader next sign of any as edged thousands of supporters to attend protests all over the country today against president vladimir putin rallies are being organized in about eight is he cities to coincide with the president's sixtyfifth birthday mr knee is currently serving a 20day prison sentence the repeatedly violating a law on organising public meetings a militant group that says it's fighting for the rights of myanmar's muslims were hinges the eric henry hingis salvation army says is willing to enter peace talks with the burmese government michael bristow has the details little is known about the funding training and makeup of the alican were hingis salvation army all who it at present the results have been behind attacks on dozens of security outpost he miyama's we kind state in august that led to reprisals by the burmese army forcing hundreds of thousands of the hingis civilians to flee to bangladesh creating a humanitarian crisis it seems unlikely though that the government jimmy amount engage in negotiations with the militant it colson terrorists and has previously said it would not talk to them world news from the bbc the news just in the turkish president says his country's military has begun an operation in italy province in syria wretched type edwin said turkey would not allow what he called a terror corridor among his country's frontier police in denmark say they found the head and other missing body parts of the swedish journalist who disappeared in august after boarding a submarine with its inventor msrp pico has the story can volley went missing when she was writing a store impaired imagine a danish submarine design of he.

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