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Ali hindes reporting barcelona's famed ramblas walkway as quietly reopened to the public this morning after a van rampage yesterday killed thirteen and wounded more than one hundred others police closed down the city centre thursday evening after the vans zigzag down pact prominence before the driver escaped three suspects have been arrested australia tourist lauren grim untold australia's aub see that she was on a nearby street when the attack took place in keiko at lots of families butler chauhan eva's quiet weather is paid unmanned aerial fiveway decided at extra hotel and they went outside safe and then all of a sudden ms hedh lots of his framing crying and yelling at on let will what's going on here meanwhile police in spain's catalonia region say five suspects were shot and killed in the resort town of cambrils after police responded to a terrorist attack report the five suspects were all carrying bomb belts warner's will gather today to remember one of two virginia state trooper zhu died in a helicopter crashed wall monitoring a white nationalist protests last weekend in charlottesville a funeral for trooper pilot burke bates scheduled for eleven a m this morning at st paul's baptist church in richmond a private burial will follow and the navy says the commanding officer of us as fitzgerald it lost seven sailors on a collision off the coast to japan with a container freighter we'll be relieved of command the nearly dozen other sailors facing punishment news and analysis at town hall dot com farthest stockbroker higher yourself i'm larry lavigne and i've been on.

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