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The deputy director of Columbia university's national center for disaster preparedness a lot of these programs don't take and in some cases are not allowed to take climate change into account still buying up loans is standard practice for Fannie Mae Freddie Mac and other government backed mortgage giants says Karen Petru it federal financial analytics these are mortgage lenders and securitized there's not meteorologists she says Fannie and Freddie rely on the. national flood insurance program to make sure their assets are protected the report said federal flood insurance policies have declined ever since two thousand six leaving more homes without fun insurance I'm just and hope for marketplace the United States became the world's top or producer this year but there are some new numbers out today raising some eyebrows about how long that might last production this July was down about two percent over a month earlier market place's got tongue explains one of the big questions people are looking at is how much will you get well the big star in the U. S. oil stories fracking technology to drill and break up what's called shale rock and get the oil out but after decades shell oil wells are showing signs of being less productive one reason they're spaced too close together kind of like planting trees too close together says Ryan Newman is an analyst at wood mackenzie you want a give wealth close enough together so that you can come to maximize your recovery but not put them so close together that you're sucking the same oil that the other while would be producing otherwise the question is whether the American shell store you started had a limit or a wall and some analysts see it it's not just the fracking it's also the money Daniel cruise at chorus research says energy investors are more stingy as profits have been low so less money is being put into the oil fields and rising production could turn downward this whole. in the reason that I think it will slip is because you're just not putting the same amount of of resource into the ground when influential bank says US well production is going flat supplies will slow in the oil and gas prices will rise even more next year but Phil dining at the energy consultancy envera says the game isn't over no problem I've always found at that betting against American anything really is not the way to go visual on gas we just need to basically to step it up on the engineering level and and we get there constantly uses profits of doom for U. S. oil production have spoken out in the past and been wrong I'm Scott Tong for market place today brings to a close the government's two thousand nineteen fiscal year and the trading quarter on Wall Street details numbers you know the drill. a company as it is Amazon really doesn't like.

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