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This game to go to that Sarah. It would not have been possible to call the president's wife back in Washington because she was on that trip with him in France. Andy Field. ABC NEWS Washington Federal authorities say two men affiliated with the Boogaloo Boys movement facing federal charges now the Department of Justice announcing charges against Michael Solomon and Benjamin Teeter, self professed members of the anti government Boogaloo Boys. They're accused of attempting to provide material support to the terror group Hamas. The department also alleges the men participated in unrest in Minneapolis following George Floyd's death. A hearing is scheduled for September. 9th ABC is Lionel my boys You're listening to ABC. Now Here's what's happening around the state on Sacramento's news 93.1 kfbk. California Department of Public Health is taking a unique approach to curbing proto virus this holiday weekend. It's a public service campaign that introduces since their characters who sneak into parties and gatherings where they spread Cove in 19, its corona virus, a k a. The road love nickname Means or close. The Health Department's ad campaign is specifically aimed at getting the attention of Latinos and African Americans to groups this proportionately impacted by the novel Corona virus. Firefighters a number in county Coast. One advantage of a cool and valuing to increased containment of the Woodward Fire to 85%. The Indio Tamale Festival may be billed as the biggest Tamale festival in the world. But an estimated 120,000 lovers of the Tamal will not be crowding the Coachella Valley in December. That's because this year's Tamale festival is being scrubbed due to take over 19 pandemic. I'm Ra well well on Sacramento traffic from the Camp McKay traffic Center. If you're making the tribe back from the Sierra Nevada this weekend, westbound I 80 will be reduced the one lane for the ditch Slopes stabilization Project at Farid. Long term closures of the ferret on and off ramps are expected during the construction. They hope to be finished by summer of 2021 on highway 1 60. The painter's Ville bridge will be closed until October, 1st used the Walnut Grove Bridge or the Steamboat Slew Bridge as alternate routes. Traffic on the tens, every 10 minutes mornings and afternoons, Steve for a reduced that.

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