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John gibson it is john gibson so remember ritual goes all she was that white girl good she was young who she grew older decided that she was black i wanted to be black and and eventually became the head of the ended lacy p is i think his spokane washington and then she got outdid as a why person with white parents and and she left or position people said she was disgraced well she's on the comeback trail now she is a book coming out on tuesday and she's been do some interviews and she's did an interview with the baby see was has a lot of people upset she's she's could making the claim now that she's trans racial that transgender trends racial and their their their race actually isn't a biological to nominate that it is somehow if it meant of our imagination that that there's no black blood and no white but it's a spluttered and if it's taipei are tied be whatever it is a good be interchangeable use between black people i paypal.

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