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I'm Kerr Darling here's what's trending at twelve noon on your opening statement you confirm that there was a quid pro quo between the White House meeting and investigations into charisma and the twenty sixteen election that Giuliani was publicly promoting is that right correct Adam Schiff questioning US ambassador to the E. U. accordance Tomlin who testified before the house intelligence committee this morning it is doing so right now in the impeachment inquiry fox's racial Sutherland report it is opening statement ambassador Simon said there was a quid pro quo with the direction of president trump's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani as new leader of Ukraine try to secure a meeting with the president Solomon stated that everyone was in the loop on the press for political investigations including secretary of state Mike Pompeii AO adding they knew what they were doing and why Sonnen said he was expressly directed by president trump to work with Giuliani even though he wasn't happy about it in Washington Rachel Sutherland fox news president trump is going to come out of the impeachment hearings on top says senator Mike Braun an appearance on fox business channel clearly is quite confident that whether he come on or not that there's no case against a man of course you know he's going to push the point just like he did in the tweet and nothing else is getting done Ron brown says Democrats are trying to reverse the twenty sixteen election which he says they've been doing from the beginning Brian rice of Brownsburg was vacationing with his wife on a carnival cruise in the Caribbean when he fell five stories on the balcony and onto a deck below last Friday doctors on the ship could not and it could not save his life it sure is of him that I've gone through that I'm going to give to my children it's just very hard it's very hard because he was a good good lovers young man rice's step father Robert Federer is when the ship pulled into port Miami Saturday morning Miami Dade police began investigating and so far they have ruled out suicide a developer suing the city of Indianapolis accusing them of breaching their contract by trying to use eminent domain to take back the old GM stamp property after abandoning plans to redevelop the site Ambrose property group tried to off load that property but the city of Indianapolis threatened to use eminent domain to keep that from happening which Ambrose says violates a contract between the two the city argues a previous Supreme Court a state Supreme Court ruling allows them to use eminent domain at will regardless of any agreement from beforehand playoffs coming at an indie based clothing company actually found the report motion where will close its facilities on in the southwest side in January according to a notice to the state most if not all of the company's one hundred and forty six workers will lose their jobs motion where has not given a reason for the shutdown Ashley Fowler ninety three W. I. B. C. mobile news coming up Kristeva says look out for the signs that story and more next on ninety three double the white BC coming up on Tony Katz today the testimony of Gordon psalm when it's bad for someone named Rudy Giuliani that's coming up in three minutes over sixteen hundred Hoosiers had bladder cancer last year Chris Davis reports on what you can do to catch it early for the main symptom it's easy to spot says Dr Reena my leak an expert on bladder cancer and female pelvic medicine to the most common symptom is called hematuria or seeing blood in the urine or having it found on a you know screening urine test at your regular doctor's office she says pain in the back or abdomen that won't go away or pain during urination are sometimes also symptoms there's no screening for it so you need to see a urologist if you have those symptoms frequently she says Chris Davis ninety three W. I. B. C. mobile news a five year old boy and his three year old brother killed Tuesday afternoon when they were run over by a semi on a farm in Kosciusko county police say the Amish boys had climbed through a fence on top of a neighboring farm they were playing under the trailer of a semi when Benjamin she'd started the truck and started to drive off running over the boys in the process CBD oil or any other C. B. T. products cannot be guaranteed and you're not in your being more to stay away from them says the national consumers league spokesperson Patricia Calmar last thing we want is people to be relying on fall empty promises that CD products will help with depression or relieve anxiety or even treat Alzheimer's or Parkinson's uses CD is not FDA approved in the labels are often inaccurate hiding the lead or other can take contaminants in some cases Cleveland Browns defensive and miles Gerritsen New York today to appeal his indefinite suspension Gerets been barred from playing in the NFL for the time being after using a helmet to hit Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph over the head.

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