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The cities have their own police departments and they get to run their own police department since can like same wealth we get to decide when our police departments will and will not do right and as i say what we're not getting involved in any way with ice in all of its work well yet the but the feds are not asking the local police to do in singers who raid do raids on the streets although the austin to cooperate with them right because know a public safety issue right and you you local cops know the the good the territory view you could ever ray go badly in your need a local police force there but what what you need them to do this but make a phone calls this about when ice calls the local the local police the local police answer and say oh sure we'll tell you where this guy is and when he's getting out or when a known illegal william is in the sheriff's jail you call ice and say hey this guys coming out in the week do you wanna right so it's really it's about phone calls its vets exchanging information and what what a lot of these idiot politicians like gridlock garcetti and that fake faker kevin de leon they give these poppas speeches about where are not going to participate enraged at separate mothers from children and fathers near they saw the issue that that's not what's being asked here what's being asked is answer the phone and answer questions or call us let us know in advance that you're going to really somebody that's all that's being asked here but but gridlock garcetti de leon and all the rest of them intentionally lie intentionally mislead people and the idiots in the media knowingly report the lies knowingly report deed the confusion ed so the average person goes i i because we can have our police to an immigration work i mean we're a police are busy enough because the goal is and i see this in the signs no deportations end ice no ice get rid of them yeah that's the attitude that's gridlock garcetti's added as an ultimate goal that steely owns attitude is they they wish ice with d be disbanded all right it's time to move on to the voice line t bowl every friday around 520 and again nobody more of them around five fifty bore be.

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