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Todd and Don show. And Ed Clemens city of Austin. I don't get it. The scooter thing is somewhat out of control. But it is what it is. Apparently, there's no turning back. Now. No wonder we're fat fat fat. We can't even walk in on hiking by Trump, you try to leave deep Eddie on one. I got on is the worst idea ever heard. I got on and cooler heads, prevail. Awesome boulevard, you'd make about twelve feet pull out right in the middle lake Austin boulevard, and it's all your face playing ward and Ed Clements. Lead is seven on NewsRadio KLBJ. Ed clements. Afternoons three to seven kids, it's marketing management and case studies, three seventy j good luck. Location, and they have staff consolidate your close up the prices for a Lou and platter for that. That square fish. I'm going to ninety nine I guess, you're gonna say go strictly hiccup, right? You go the way that everything else has gone. You have it on the and you put out your marketing as nostalgic once your app goes out to, you know, people rightly younger than myself, and they can have those individual properly portion meals delivered. You've already got the death of play tournament. Bill delivery people start getting that out there. Most expensive thing. Jeff on the menu macaroni. Yes. And those dishes of backgrounds a buck ninety lake Austin sloppy in like Austin. Seven on NewsRadio KLBJ five ninety AM and ninety nine point seven FM. Marc and Melinda. CBS has fired a pharmacist were not billing a prescription for a man who's trying to become a woman this person walked in with a prescription from a doctor for hormones and the pharmacist would.

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