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Missing Idaho children seven year old Joshua J. J. fallow and seventeen year old Kylie Ryan have been missing since last September now human remains have been found on Chad day bills property in Salem Idaho there means not been identified yet Dave L. has been arrested he is married to the children's mother Lori valoe Valen Dave out were already under investigation for the death of devil's first wife and separately valor's first husband was killed by her brother he said it was self defense in divorce documents he said follow thought she was a god like figure meant to usher in the end of days follow herself has been charged with child abandonment and obstructing an investigation Jessica Rosenthal fox news spokesperson for the DC National Guard service members of the guardian tested positive for the corona virus in the wake of the protests across the nation's capital last week lieutenant colonel Brooke Davis says the guard won't release the exact total but US officials say they believe it's not a large number at least not yet well some guard troops responding to the protests wore protective equipment many were not wearing mask and it was largely impossible to maintain social distancing of the protests another proposal on the table to restart the corona virus delayed Major League Baseball season the MLB Players Association offering up an eighty nine game regular season to lead Tuesday still in quest of the full pro rated salaries they have wanted as part of these negotiations stemming from a good base agreement set back in March this latest offer follows major league baseball's Monday proposing a seventy six game season but with pro rated pay deducted by twenty five percent for each player has two new polls are as close as both the league and the union have come in recent weeks to agreeing for twenty twenty campaign at one point and they'll be was seeking only a fifty game season well the MLB players union wanted as many as one hundred and fourteen games including their full pro rated salaries man about town fox news is on Jack Callahan this is fox news W..

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