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Beck. Welcome to the program. Glad you're here. We have Larry Sharpe coming in next to he is a he's a guy who is running for governor of New York, and we talked to him on the phone recently. And I really really liked him thought. He was just valley was a guy who didn't sound like any politician. I've heard in New York. And a guy who has out of the box answers that are the kinds of things that we should be talking about, you know, you wanna fix the roads. Okay. How about renaming the Williamsburg bridge to the Staples bridge, or whatever it is. Okay. I'm good with that anybody else. I mean, why would you be against that? I'm totally for that. Oh, really because they'll get their name on traffic updates and everything else. Sure. Yeah. Go for it. I mean in the situation we're in. That's the least of our worries the name of a bridges. Yeah. No. He's he's interesting. I, you know, again, someone advocating for smaller government today is so rare. So we have the free here. We're going to bring him in the cage we're gonna poke at him once in a while. So lot watch he'll say smaller government poke. I I love again, I come to the point in my life. I've just much rather err on that side. Even if there are certain things that you know, I might disagree with libertarians on. I just would rather err on the side of someone who's saying take the power away from the government to make those decisions. I mean, I'm pretty much a libertarian at least close to it. As you can be. But still it's like, it's it's bizarre. How many people say they agree with the principles and then at the end. Yeah. Yeah..

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