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Well yeah if you're talk about right at the very beginning of the show correct Caleb and Overnight montana black dares lockhart obviously Joshua cut shawl the all. Come out to the ring While hancock is a little microphone and kayla kitchens does what he does gets a little microphone and he's run down the crowd. He's running down. Josh hancock rundown viral and dairies actually took the mic from and said you know what you're always running everything down. This is my promotion to your. We're done with you so kale. Since made his way to the back shortly thereafter darius said guys. We've gone as far as we can go as the unknown so we won't take Individually from here out. Thanks for your time but you guys are dismissed too. So yeah you're right. They had just essentially apparently broken up the group that was unknown. Just lois before the first match. And then you get the first match and Wait adams gets the win over over overnight. What was the the next match. The evening next match was timmy. Lou retton who was introduced announcer. Jonathan feltner as the infinite and and he didn't even mention to me lou which we all know and love and bach against Josh will cut shaw and Cut shaw came out as the crazy. Cut shaw cager over the head. But actually he was. Ross vegas pretending to be that person and he was. Ross vegas for a lot of the match there and there was some some good moments. That one Interestingly enough timmy actually choked him out for the win. Really there wasn't a pinfall. He put them down in a choke and Yeah that's how. Timmy lou or the infinite. Got the winning that batch to we wanted the to the main event so that's two matches now. Two unknown guys out now team written has been on a tear singles wise and obviously looking to add more championship. Go to his trophy case and add a little bit more to his. You know his singles mystique is we're used to seeing him and white. Mike in gymnastics boys What was the what other singles matches. Were there in the first round. Let me tell you something. Real quick about timmy. He was looking so good. There is someone near me actually said. I think this guy's gonna win the whole thing. Oh wow so. That was a person that has been to several shows. Just so impressed with how good timmy looked yet is definitely. He's intermittent shape. He's got and healthy and i think you know. I think a lot of things happening in life. You kind of got his head cleared you know. Yeah and you know what about this finisher. Does he have a whole new skill. set he's debut in as well right That was interesting. He's still did a lot of his Sorta gymnastic moves As well that we all like. But yeah he he some different offensive maneuvers as well. That's very interesting match. Three the debut eating dirt driver with james win against Pretty much fan. The biggest fan favourite all our shaw legacy Sean actually kinda surprised me took this pretty quick. It was about five six minute batch and and dare drive. Repair genes had to take the long ride home. So the carolinas With first viral match being a loss. So well they. I mean you know like you said sean. Legacy probably one of the top guys there so they had their work cut out for him and it'd be interesting to see next time period. James pays for time on the show. I'll be interested to get his take on his experience there. In in tops. Jorda house house sean. Legacy looking i know he's had some injuries. But he's also been doing the bodybuilding but he looked good in..

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