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And I want to correct that. The 15 year old girl is recovering after being shot in the chest. This happened Friday night in Lynn. Not yesterday. Investigators say the shooting looks accidental. The state confirming 56 new covid 19 cases and two new deaths in their latest report here in Massachusetts. The grand total is now over 663,000 cases since the beginning of the Covid 19 pandemic less than 100. People are in the hospital from the illness and looks like the seven day average positivity rate is now down to less than 70.3%. The country is still pretty short of President Biden's vaccine goals for the fourth of July. Let's find out more from a B C's Chuck Sivertsen about 179 Million Americans have gotten at least one covid shot or about 54% of the population reports the C D. C. That falls short of President Biden's goal of 70% getting at least one dose. By July. 4th over a dozen states have 70% of their adult populations with at least one dose. And right here. Massachusetts is one of those states with 4.4 million first shots given out to people of all ages. It's at 12 38 overnight on Wall Street and business here is an update from Bloomberg. The pandemic has had a major effect on how we shop with online retail exploding. It also has had a lot of people adopting pets, with more than four out of 10 Americans making the move in the past year and according to the American Pet Products Association, sales for pet related items exceeded $100 billion last year for the First time put it all together and pet supply delivery is big. No one tells you what to expect when you're expecting a new pet..

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