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At Boca, and that's just the stuff I can remember there was there. I think I want to start hanging out with both. There was also a weird time in New Orleans when he when he lived and worked there, But both sounds like the coolest mfr in the building. He is He really is and keep in mind. I don't remember all the stories either because he was he was buying me drinks. No, he sounds he's like the the stereotypical radio rock star. Yes, seventies. I mean, he and that was another thing he did mention. I can say this. He's like all the stories you've heard. All the legendary things that happened in the seventies that read at rock radio stations. True and the music labels all true. All true, But not only is Beau Roberts the coolest, he's also one of the nicest Yes, Yeah, yeah. He's always, uh, always actually had up at this. He's never, ever ever look down on anyone else around him. Me like I'm one of the people who has the youngest radio career in the building, right? I'm surrounded by by big time folks were surrounded by legends. Exactly, Uh, whether it's billy, or bow. Neither one of them has ever and and and Jim. Well, Jim's, You know, and Randy and write the whole show. Yeah. Uh, And prior to that, obviously, we weren't around him very often. But Craddick his whole team that we have been around quite a bit. Um and Russ, of course. Cindy Skull Chris Ryan when he was still here. None of them ever, ever, ever looked down on me. The ones that have I remember. Yeah. You have a list. We know. Right? Alpha is basically like Steve Buscemi in, um, Billy Madison. Madison. What He's doing lipstick and writing names on a list. That's your ass. I got it. Mhm. I know. I remember. Don't think I'm well, Those are good neighbors that you and Tara have and it was. It was surprised because we had no idea. Going back. Did he give you his address so that if there's a tornado during the spring storm season, you can just swing by over there, not the actual address, but I know exactly like I know the subdivision, so you're just going to knock on doors? No, I'm just gonna. I'm just gonna follow the smell I I have a pretty good. I have a good nose and have a pretty good pretty good idea that I can just follow a scent and I'll find I'll find it. So anyway, So did you tell people what happened to the chickens? So the chickens Thank you added to her, so the chickens are safe. They are sound. That was one of the first things we did when we decided to pull the trigger on this whole. Moving selling things process. Uh, the chickens all went to go live with our dear friends, Danielle Andrew in Arlington. So, basically, if everyone we know If we could have picked the people to take the chickens. It's Danielle Andrew, and they did. So this was like, almost two months ago. We had, uh Daniel Andrew came to the house. And our friend Justin Brewer, who.

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