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Because we'll be like strawberry cheesecake. Or you know different flavors. I'm not really excited about them, but this video may be a second. If they can put sauce like if they can put you know the marshmallow sauce into the rocky road. They could put any sauce. into any blizzard. UAE IN! We've done one hundred thirty episodes of this podcast. Brian and I have talked about blizzards for literally years before that created our own. We have never once gone down the rabbit hole of what if you? Detect decided to take a regular blizzard. And make it a royal by adding column of Sauce in the Middle. And to be honest. I think that just like you. Camp dismissed the concept royal lizards, because the the the ratio is usually off with what you get in the middle as opposed to the rest, and it's too much of something, except for the reasons with the peanut butter I would drink a whole cup of just the peanut butter sauce so right there Bryan so that's what I did is I went to dairy, Queen and. I was like I would like a royal blizzard, but can I have the blizzard part the peanut Butter Cup, Lizard and the column of filling be the peanut butter sauce. And I was like that's the because. I figured if I just had this idea I'm gonNA. Go with what's the one. Brian would be most jealous of and that's what I came up with. And The woman at the drive thru came through like her magic voice came Dash. You know we actually have A. Reese's Brownie Royal Blizzard. We could do that one with the peanut butter sauce. And, so I did so Liz Brownie and peanut butter cups in the blizzard with a column of the peanut butter sauce in the middle. It's a lot of peanut butter. A lot of peanut butter would not too much, but it was not too much because you had peanut, but it was like a Sunday, but it was like a blizzard. Sunday and I was like the whole time I was like I literally got home at wrote it down on a piece of paper and a had to remember to make that my food experience. So. Why haven't we done that Brian?.

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