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The Walter Payton NFL man of the year are phenomenal guys they're yeah they're all it's all great it's it's insolvent kinda like the it's like the hall of fame and get on that you got to be committed and Lorenzo and and for us here in buffalo we've seen runs or gender come in as an afterthought under rex Ryan and they and he was a special teams guy I he'll help us out a special team messed up and he helped the the the Buffalo Bills did playoff appearances into our last three years survived a coaching change and even in the midst of that at the tail end of his career that will say what you want about where his career was when he got here what invested in buffalo yeah he did you show up and say I'm good and you know I did all the stuff but I was in I was in Washington for a while I've got kind of a he he transferred it all here and he still does stuff in Washington I mean the guy's a phenomenal guy that's the kind of guy the gets nominated for the Walter Payton man of the year these other guys have a long list of things that they do as well and then that the league really does a nice job with a no question about it but those are the kind of guys that make the league more than just of sports league when the rains came in here early it was last spring about ten months ago April this couple weeks for the draft now he has a relationship had a relationship which I think I'll continue with South Park high school football and he took a a van load of ten or twelve South Park high school football players on a college visit trip to south they went to six or eight colleges down south guys who'd high school players people who had probably never had a chance to look at the college and they were juniors rising seniors so they had a chance to do something about it there is a trying to inspire them to think about college to think about their future maybe play football maybe not but at his own I does own expense at his own time which is about a week he took a bus load of kids south to look at colleges pretty amazing it was amazing and and all right so we didn't want a chalazion but I'm sure as stories like that as background but they just gave and it wasn't just Lorenzo everybody just got short trip from the other fellow here they put him on stage here's the thirty two team nominees but here's the winter I just you gonna make an award honor guys an honorable don't just throw the people up on stage now Lawrence are never going to mention in the show the other night it really made me mad yeah I'm I'm we because we know kind of guy is a quality individually is any kind of hate to seem thrown into a group yeah because he is so special yeah and I get it to thirty two guys or there's some special guys there so but congratulations to him and I got you know I can we seem again I mean I'm sure going to cross paths with them and and I'm not you know no one right so he's like you know I will I was thinking you know what I actually was cool he writes it I don't care yeah he doesn't even generally doesn't but I care yeah I care about yeah you want you want good things for good people yes all right we're gonna get back your phone calls in your tweets other than patrimony what are the chiefs have that the Buffalo Bills might need moving forward what do you think.

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