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I don't know about that one you know how to handle the drive right this team don't draft me if you are blanche eagles head on mock draft you right there thirty two oh that's right oh so that's eagles i'm just letting you know will you change that hat based on mock draft tell you that every day but like how much do you spend you don't think you know out yourself with the teams that you like or don't like but like we you know who this would be really cooler i'd love to play with that guy whatever might be how much time do you do that yeah i mean i think about it every night you know before i go to sleep just half it you know in that office an scheme city but i mean i do go up at dallas cowboys fan as a kid you know watching julius jones and many joys and then boys so yeah i mean honestly any team that picks me up it'd be a blessing so you know worked as hard waiting for his mind so let's do it this way i'm gonna just name some teams and you blink one time if you like three times if you don't linking if you smart don't stop or never start to right now the usc the experience and sam darnold a lot of people saying he's going to be number one overall you got to see him closer to anybody talk about his attributes or maybe some of the things that you don't hear and the the narrative about them that you experience would definitely give you for the competitiveness you know since he came in because he came in like the low recruit you know of him ricky town so he had to compete you know from day one and then eventually beat out max brown and all that but i mean as a competitor you know he's closed you know they've seen that yet people got their documented.

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