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Just over fifty pounds may keep our may not look like a sumo wrestler but the shy fifth grader is no pushover it goes any of bruises her mom said but so far no broken bones once ridiculed Japanese females these days are throwing their weight around the simmering I think for modified a tire and separate weight classes the rooms are identical to professionals and matches often just as thrilling women sumo gain visibility with a twenty eighteen Netflix film called Little Miss sumo documenting the struggles of females to gain respect in the ancient support had been reserved for men in California will be the competition when it comes to one in may California is the number one wine producer in the US now but Washington state is getting closer well it's going to take awhile what is now second place there are more than a thousand wineries in the central eastern part of the evergreen state compared to just twenty some forty years ago experts say it's the weather central and eastern Washington has little rain long sunny days and cool nights perfect for wine grape growing Washington state's wine industry generate some two point four billion dollars a year in revenue California's wine industry still the distance away generating about forty billion Jim group Los Angeles suits them forty seven military working dogs obstruct the gets a new high tech gear to protect their years the army says hearing protectors the could've been used with dogs used to be rigid cumbersome and hard to put on but the new canine auditory protection system or caps uses high quality sound absorption materials molded into what looks like a close fitting hood good for dogs working in tight spaces or dogs that have to wear goggles even a short chopper ride the experts say can distracted Dogger affect whether the canine can hear a sampler so the improvements are good for both the dogs and the military personnel who work with them I'm Jim Johnson and this year's Black Friday set a record for online sales adobe analytics as hard spilled on phones computers and tablets collected seven point four billion dollars in sales ranking just half a billion dollars behind last year's record cyber Monday hall adobe expects online sales for cyber Monday this year to be even bigger an estimated nine point.

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