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Wear down and pretty thin you get there can you have a condition of people are suffering from pain assistant fibromyalgia and cramped in their legs than weird illness this so there's something wrong with this picture and it has to do with netanyahu taken their diet or how many calcium supplements athens eugene it has to do with simple absorption nick getting absorbed in your body with with calcium being something to do with stress is in calcium for building bones well yeah okay a young is the one percent of the calcium actually circulates in your blood and when that one percent start the drop it could affect your heart your brain your kidneys your organs and your body shut down actually dies one one percent of the calcium always has to be in your system and either twothirds of calcium one is in the diet yeah and to us from the bones themselves the body will exhibit will love absorb it back from the bug that is right i say what you just discussed right now leads to one of the major causes of a condition that the fact in twentyfive million americans right now which is uh uh right which are the weakening of the ball now in its due to the body deriving calcium from the bones instead of from the nine tradition yup okay and so what we have to do is we have to find a way to put calcium abc in the diet you'd think that sewer district milk just drink milk or you know green leafy vegetables and that sort of thing but first that and second of all the the quality of the.

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