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Refund is only available for a limited time. Go to get refunds dot com. That's get refunds dot com. This is WTO P news. 5 23. Well, if you drive a Nissan heads up, the automaker is recalling more than 800,000 SUVs because of a problem that could cause the engine to shut off while the vehicle is being driven. The key to this vehicle is the culprit. This involves one of Nissan's most popular models, the rogue of the rogue sport various versions from 2014 through 2022. The key has an issue that can allow it to be accidentally turned while driving. Potentially cutting off the engine. No crashes or injuries have been reported. Jeff Gilbert in Detroit, Nissan says it's still working on a fix, read more at WTO P dot com search recalls. Helicopter noise takes a toll on emotional well-being and even building structures. That's the word from D.C. congressional delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton, who wants to make life better for city residents, so the Democrat has introduced a bill to make helicopters fly at the highest allowable altitude when over the district. The only exceptions would be active law enforcement investigations moving the president and vice president and anything related to safety. So what's next after high school? Some students go to college, but others they're ready to start their careers right now. It's essential that we make customer service a priority because customer services would keep the money rolling out. It's a student at Jackson Reed high school a studying for a career in hospitality and tourism. Others are getting ready for careers in healthcare or robotics. Our students will earn industry patients in many hard to feel areas. And it's exciting and safe that they get to do that work while they're in high school. School Chancellor Louis therapy in state superintendent of education, Christina grant, say more than 4800 students are enrolled in career and technical education across 16 high schools. In northwest, Neil. Sports at 25 and 55 powered by Red River, technology decisions aren't black and white. Think red. It is all you, George Wallace. All right, Hillary, let's talk capitals hockey, trade deadline coming up and a couple moves today, caps to acquire Rasmus sandin. He's a 23 years old from Toronto for Eric Gustafson

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