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Unlike Austin bay it says statewide active listings grew by three point five percent compared to the same time last year while both enjoyed engrossed in close to sales a new list of winter travel destinations is good news for Austin one would hope Joe Gonzalez says when it comes to winter travel destinations Austin is number one in the country well when it comes to low travel costs and helpful very easy city to get to one of the cheaper cities to fly to as well and of course pretty decent weather now is finished second on the list and Houston and San Antonio also who were in the top ten Robert wood newsradio okay LBJ and gas prices across the state very wildly says Tripoli Texas is Daniel Armbruster almost thirty cent range there is really what we're seeing across the state good news is that prices both statewide and in Austin continued to drop in Austin the average was down two cents to two dollars and twenty three cents per gallon and while most banks told lanes aren't fixing Austin's congestion issues the central Texas regional mobility authority says the toll lanes are shaving precious minutes off your morning and evening commute your tail BJ radar weather watch partly sunny this afternoon will top out in the mid seventies mostly cloudy tonight below fifty one tomorrow partly sunny hi eighty mostly cloudy Tuesday shower thunderstorm in the afternoon hi eighty two from the weather center I'm meteorologist John fear and I'm John Cooley Austin's news on demand it newsradio Kaylee J. dot com glowing skin is always end with seen eyes apricot scrub made with one hundred percent natural apricot extracts and walnut shell powder this call classics grab those deep removes dirt make up and oil Stephen glow bright provides grass turn up the glow Walgreens has great deals on the everyday essentials you need right now select varieties of wonderful pistachios are for ninety nine with couponing card Walgreens trusted since nineteen oh one while supplies last restrictions and exclusions apply see store for details nobody ever read south African food actually we do in South Africa nobody's even heard of South Africa haven't they to the chicken quality can do the spicy chicken marinated for twenty four hours and days to to order over open flames that's exactly it yes has anyone in South Africa even heard of Nando's Perry Perry sometimes we have the twice a day was there Nando's near me.

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