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Actually race one more time before retirement and the group one kipco champion stakes at ascot on October 15th and the lone loss of his career was a fourth place finish. Welcome back to the year in review 2022 here on HR N Bobby Newman Dave Freeman. Well, Dave, the international runners had a big say, not only across international waters, but when they eventually would run here against our local runners, but we never got to see run here in this country. And there was a lot of 22 when the argument was not whether or not flight line was the best horse in the world, but whether or not he was better than bad. They were both horses who had done nothing wrong in their careers, baid completely in Europe. Of course, flight line completely here in the states. They were both lightly raced runners. They had only run in 21 and 22. And for a long time, I know I'd bemoaned the fact that there was never any plan to run by here in the states. They would never even really thought about the breeders cup. It was never in the plans of trainer William haggis and the owners and shadwell estate company, et cetera. Unfortunately, bae did not retire undefeated. The one poor effort in his career was the final race of his career, where he ran fourth, but most of 2022 he was a big say in the racing community. The race that we played in the rejoin, the international stakes. I watched that race. I had seen bad run. I don't know, two or three times and said, yeah, this is really good horse, but I don't really have the context to understand how good ran by mishriff and several other horses that were familiar with. Like they were standing still. I mean, not knowing the horse intimately. I was thinking at one point during the race. Wow, maybe bids in a little bit of trouble here. And ten seconds later, he was ahead by 5 lengths. So he won in kind of dominating fashion. I don't know about the same way that flight line did, but at least in a few of his races in kind of a similar scintillating way. And he is a horse that maybe we don't appreciate or maybe we can't understand quite the same way we do the horses that we watch every day in America, but he was an international superstar that sort of transcended the sporting scene in Europe, became a superstar, a big name. And it was special to see him. It is disappointing. We never got to see him run in America, but that takes nothing away from his accomplishments. Bid was certainly the top male runner in Europe through most of 2022. The top female runner in Europe was this year's Arc de Triomphe winner, alpinista. In fact, alpinista completely opposite of by eating the fact that she did not begin her career like a house of fire. I think she lost three of her first four starts and it really took her a while to get going back as a two year old in 2019 and early 2020, but she ended up undefeated both last year and this year winning 8 races in a row 5 and 21 and three here this year in 2022, all group one events, the predecessor Yorkshire oaks and finally beating the boys in the Arc de Triomphe, alpinista, another one that those of us who are based here in this country and for the most part follow racing in this country may have not gotten a chance to see if you have a chance and I know Dave that you do this on a regular occasion. Go back and look at some of alpin this is racist. She was as good as it gets. Well, and winning the arc is special, right? Because that's a little bit like a breeder's Cup race. And she went up against the boys. And she won. And again, I don't know that you and I can put in proper context where she ranks or how she fits. But the way she won one race after another taking on bigger and better challenges and then to conclude with winning the arc, it would be, it was special. It was impressive. And it's something that is very much worth noting, even if I'm not sure how to put into context in the same way that we can talk about the Europeans that came to America and one breeders cup races and let's be honest if you were at keeneland if you were betting the races from keenland during the breeders cup, you either had Aiden O'Brien and Charlie Applebee or you didn't have winners. Yeah, and as it turned out, Europe did not have to send its very best of the best over here to still have very good chances at winning these breeders cup races. The turf races, both Friday and Saturday of breeders cup this year. Dominated by the European based runners and whether it was modern games getting a second win in a row this time winning the breeders cup mile or rebels romance or Tuesday or the bevy of others. I know they're not all male runners, but they look like men against boys, if you will, especially in the stretch. Yeah, I think that's really well said. They weren't the best. They were the best by an enormous margin. And that's what makes it so impressive. Because it's one thing to win, it's another thing to be clearly the best. I remember reading a lot about rebels romance before the breeders cup and feelings were really, really split. There were those that said, you know, this is a horse you need to watch out for if it's really well, well trained while bread. And then there were other people that said, you know what, those European prep races, they're not very good. This is not an a level horse. Don't expect what you've come to expect. And then rebels romance was just the Best Buy open links. And that's what we saw kind of one after another at keeneland. And that didn't mean that you handicapped the right European horse, but boy, the European horses in general were so good that that group of them as a whole. But to me, Bobby, modern games is the one that I'm going to have the best memory of, not just because I liked modern games and cash tickets with modern games. But because of what had happened in the breeders cup, the previous year where modern games was in the race, won the race, but we weren't able to bet because of that whole scratch deal at the last minute, and then for modern games a year later, to come back and win another breeders Cup race and were able to bet on them. That was kind of special the way that whole 12 month period worked out. Charlie appleby is a phenomenal trainer, William Buick is certainly one of the best, if not the best riders in the world right now.

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