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Aws hero which means you are recognized as someone who has an aws expertise who's had a really big impact on the community but before we get into all that. I want to hear a little bit about your coating journey. Where did it start for you. So my coding journey actually began. When i was in middle school and way of trying to spruce up my my space and live journal and zanga kind of where it started and then it moved onto creating fan websites for unim- right. Now i think if you are maybe a middle school right now. It's of hard to see how little there was of people who will talk about on in things with you nowadays. There's so many shops selling goods and it's gotten a lot more mainstream but back in the days you kinda had to go to the dial up internet to talk about these kinds of people so my coding journeys started all making these fan sites and interacting with other people. Who are interested in what i was so when you were doing that and looking at these fan sites and building all these little things. Did you know that coating could actually be a job. That was one thing. I definitely did not know one of the i guess little regrets. I have is that when i got into college. I stopped coating because for me. Coding and making websites and interacting with friends online was a hobby and i had not realized that it could potentially be a very lucrative and stable career and something that i enjoyed having taught myself how to code from lisa explains it all and those websites and using notepad and no pad plus plus and it was just such an exciting kind of hobby to have back in the days. Ever me to have been able to give that up. Because i didn't realize it was a career. Option is one of those things that i sometimes think of out. Yeah absolutely so. What did you end up doing in college. What did you study. Seimas special education major and i got my bachelors and masters in special education with like concentration on severe disabilities and elementary education. So did you end up being a teacher. I did not so after all that I decided i didn't want to teach in the classroom and was looking for more of like disability advocacy related work because i personally had become disabled during college when i had brain surgery when i was twenty two oh and all this time i was kind of learning and teaching and i guess becoming this person who helps other people going through different ways of learning and it kinda modified and coordinating educational material so that people can learn however they learn best and suddenly. I'm on the other side. And i'm experiencing a lot of the things that my students are experiencing. And i was kind of hoping to find a place where i can kinda utilize those new perspectives turns out. There's not many people looking for someone who went to school for six years to become a special education teacher and no longer wants to become a special education. Right i'm curious. If you're if you're comfortable talking about it i love to hear how your disability affected your career and your experience Building up your skills teaching. That's where things that something you're comfortable talking about. Yes sure is shaped who i am and what i do one of the reasons why i say this is because i had to relearn basically had a sit up how to walk how to hold a pencil feed myself like i had to relearn everything from zero after my surgery and walking something that took me a couple weeks to kind of get a hold of and stuff like that. And after that is you know schoolwork. I was still in college so i was trying to do school as suddenly i went from someone who can write a paper at midnight the night before and get an a. to someone who can even deconstruct what the professor wants me to do And it was like a complete one. Eighty change on what i can and can't do and throughout the next couple years as i think flea was a student so i had time to kind of figure out how i work best. I was accommodating and modifying a lot of things in my life so that even with my really sucky memory. I had like really short term memory. I was able to kind of do things and accomplish things. Once i moved to new york and got a career in tech one of the reasons why i was able to say yes was because i had this experience of not being able to do anything then figuring it out was like you know anything i can probably figure it out and if i can't then at least i can tell myself i tried my best which actually means a lot more than we would think the fact that you gave it a try. It didn't work out. That's fine at least you're not gonna spend the rest of your life going like. Oh what if. I had just found that one thing so failing to me is actually not that big of a deal and one of the reasons why i was able to create a bs. News i think is because without knowing i was kind of honing the skill of technical writing because i have such bad memory that any new thing i learned i had to document it and documented in a way that i can understand without being confused later on so i got really good at documentation and turns out. Technical documentation is a hot topic right now. Yeah and a lot of companies are finally realizing good technical documentation can make them a lot of money so I get hired to do technical writing and documentations. And i also get hired to write about things that i have no idea about like. I don't know one of the things. I was doing was writing about java script and i don't know any java script but because throughout my cycles of not being able to do something and figuring out how to do something and documenting it that happened over and over after my.

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