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Let me try the company's advertising this insurance try it and we saved forty three dollars and change just for fucking hitting the button very worth it do do not shop without first using hunt. You didn't save money without a doubt And I'll tell you something. It feels really good. When you see that you see the amount you're gonNA pay a holy shit without doing this now. We can buy something else down with the money. Saved honeys got over eighteen million members over two billion dollars in savings Honey supports over thirty thousand stores online. And they're Eddie more every day. It's the best not using honey is literally passing up free money it's free to use installs. In just two clicks get honey for free at join honey dot com slash fame. That's joined honey dot com slash fame before I moved phone in. Today's not going to be a long show The next couple of days on you guys don't know this but my Patriot members do. I'm recording the audio book for seventy four and sunny and I'll tell you that's not that easy It's one thing doing a show like this and being able to talk freely as I talk when I'm when I'm laying down the one I'm laying down the book you know. I WANNA speak like this when I'm reading it but that's not always called for. The book is written certain way. It's it's not stream of consciousness as this show can sometimes be so. I got a slow it down enunciate properly. It's it's more difficult than it sounds. That ain't hard work but it's more difficult but it is sitting in his bathroom which I consider my new studio right now for a good two to three hours and trying to knock out three chapters at a time so the next the next two days the shows are not going to be a half hour. They're gonNA knock down to about twenty minutes. Don't worry don't run away you know. I promise I'll make it up to you but in the long run you like because the book will be available as an online audio as an audio book. You'll all be able to read it and you'll love it. Let me thank my tippy top. Might Cream of the Crop Angelique. Keller Debbie Anderson the Great Catherine speed the Great Catherine Steward Paddy Marco. Audrey Fortune. Chris Ilise Melanie. How Wendy Mac? The doctor Drudge can ask Eric Far K. Alley Chichi Tran. Heather Brindell Angela. Dino Chris Star Joe Leone Dana Parks and Betty Jenifer Lewis Christie Tucker Kim deb Thompson Marcello Martinez Sarah Walker Gail Edwards. Kurt NOLAAC and the Great Jackie Robbins. Okay this talk about dead. Celebrities made me think of some crazy. I got a great story especially this talk about The Hollywood forever cemetery because somebody in their. This story has to do it when I was dating. Michelle Brando Marlon Brando's daughter. She was a great great chick. We still talk about. In fact we talked last night. She was upset that she couldn't hunts tomato sauce and Kroger egg noodles and I said Hans Tomato Sauce. Did you not learn anything with me? You can't buy hunts the fuck astrology because now I just love hunts for this one meal. I said I failed you. I did you eat with me for a year and not whatever so great girl easygoing chick and Chen Iran sense of decorating very clever. Very you know jeter own style and I used to go with her to different stores and even flea markets and Shit Estate Sale. She loved that stuff in Soda. Why so one day? She dragged me to go to a goodwill store. Near I'm sure you guys know goodwill just come to Willoughby I wanna get some stuff as an adult now. All right finally go. She drags me out of the House and I bought some good stuff. It goodwill basically closed and shit the families donate after somebody dies a little creepy. You over right away when you see the deals you get. I bought a few things. Then mostly close. My greatest fine was among got a beautiful pair of handmade Italian loafers. Nice Brown leather summer lace up shoes right. Great Label to cost me nine bucks and issues looked like brand new have scuff marks on the bottom or nothing. I Still Donna. I'm over twenty years ago. Some shell walks in and she's not with his furniture. That had just come in right. I didn't really like the Shit at first glance. Aw just walked away. She really liked this one piece. It was a trundle bet no room in my place so I'm out of it and she goes I can. I'll take it from my places. Okay so she buys. It wasn't expensive at all. Maybe like two bucks. That's an ice ice on the bed. And we get to her house. And she's cleaning it up and she turns it on its side and a razor blade and a straw dropout. They fall out on the floor. We'll laugh right because obviously whoever owns this bed was doing some blow on this piece of furniture. And then she investigates more and a ticket stub falls out. And it's a ticket stub for the beach. Boys playing concert in Central Park in September of nineteen seventy seven in New York. And we turn over. The tickets of on the other side is a bunch of very small Small printed lyrics with in Penn high sought reading the Lyrics Bissett. Before I needed glasses. I start reading the lyrics and I'm reading. Just just put me in a wheelchair. Get me on a plane. Hurry Hurry Hurry before I go insane. I can't control my thing is I can't control Michelle. This is the lyrics to. I WANNA be sedated. The serious held it all. It is a ticket from one thousand. Nine hundred seventy seven and these are the lyrics to I want. We gotta Google assumes the Ramones wrote this song this is the I love the ramones. I've seen him countless times. I said this is just June of two thousand one and I go what Joey Ramone died. Two months on. April is this fucking Joey. Ramone struggle bed. So you know we go back to goodwill but it's close now we're dying. We're going to wait till Monday. And I'm like Oh my God. I can't believe you're GonNa get you. Got Joey. Ramone stricken trundle bed. Night passed on it. I almost had a fight with my. I want them to bed so bad because I know it was a big Fan. And she really wasn't and I said we got about everything else. They got US. I know and I said everything they got. We're buying I don't give a fuck of the goes in storage. This shit is worth something one day so she goes back on Monday. I was working. Everything was gone and the lady in the shelves like me. I should question I feel funny. Do you know this belong to because I think I found something in the bad. That kind of looked like the belong to Joey ramone and ladies like yeah. It was it was joey stuff Turns Out Joey had a place in. La that he rarely stayed at. I mean he did say that but not most of the time and he bought it many years ago so that bad was sitting there for years and when he died apparently the people who had left in his family just said. I don't want to give it away to goodwill. So can you listen? I can officially say Joey. Ramone is not the only one who did drugs and had sex in his bed. Help help punk rock is that you got to admit I still Michelle still. Has I mean? She's married now with a kid. I'm not sure much use. It's getting but fuck I'd use the shit out of it I wanted to bring this up earlier when I was mentioning about how different people are acting with this What this virus or flow or disease. Whatever the fuck would calling it on the Patriot show yesterday. I said. Isn't it funny? That some articles referring to this as a disease I duNno. I don't understand what that means. I notice a flu then. A virus but disease words scares me started thinking you know this this five stages heels five stages denial depression except all that shit the different kind of attitudes toward this virus. I think the five stages of whatever you call it. I think I think it applies to this perfectly I wonder if that phrase or that. I don't know what you call it axiom. Whatever you call that thing the five stage maybe that maybe that whole thing began because of the plague over one hundred years ago. Is that possible economists sense because I didn't check but it kind of makes sense because you know all those qualities you could see would be employed if you had play if you're worried about getting the play 'cause I you know I what would you do hear about it and you you would You would deny that you even had it. You deny that there was a chance you could get it right. Then you get angry you pissed off at somebody you think maybe gave it to you right. You get pissed off yourself for being careless with With germs and shit like that and then. What do you do when you want to bargain? You Talk to God when you bargain with God. Say we'll look if I have it. Please don't give somebody else in my family at that. Except it's just me you start making you start bargaining with God right. So you got. Denial anger bargaining. Then you get.

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