President Trump, Errol Barnett, Kellyanne Conway discussed on 24 Hour News


The two thousand eighteen partial government shutdown keeps about a quarter of federal operations on funded in some cases, idle counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway says her boss hasn't spoken with democratic leadership recently, and is open to other ideas. It really depends on what customs awarded patrol says they need and they have said they need barriers. They need the president says A wall. A Barry barriers. They need steel slats technology enhancement in speaking of the administration's aim outgoing chief of staff John Kelly tells the LA times to be honest. It's not a wall explaining, quote, we left a solid concrete wall early on any administration when we asked people what they needed and where they needed it or responded Errol Barnett related to the battle over the border. The recent that's of two young migrant children from Guatemala who died in US custody as he. He tends to do President Trump blames his political opponents. They in turn say things like this Trump administration bears blame to the extent that the buck stops at the top. And at the end of the day. You had to young innocent children die in American custody that should never occur that is New York democratic congressman Hakim Jeffries on ABC's this week in North Carolina. This y name matai somehow got loose at a wildlife refuge and killed a young intern who had been working there for about two weeks, conservative or centre director mini Stenner. Devastated today that we had an incident on our site that included the loss of life of one of the people who is working with our trained professional staff keepers. Her name, Alexandra black. She was twenty two years old from new Palestine, Indiana. A recent graduate of Indiana University with a degree in animal. Behaviour belying was shot to death with hours to go before the ball drops in Times Square to bring in New Year's white PD is quick to point.

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