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Life radio dot com you're listening to the city on lake radio i'm your host victoria schaefer here with david arquette and his wife christine arquette were so kindly hosting today's lovely events hotdog la in santa monica california can you tell us a little bit about today's event hotdog la why you guys to support canine companions for independence well actually david sort of got us involved a friend of his has a really cool clothing store club goalie esther in hollywood and she is providing like a cool dress for us tonight for me to walk in and so it started that way but we're just animal lovers we have three rescued basset hounds and we believe in like wrestling our dogs in any sort of charity that we can be a part of that's doing something for the very community is really important to us i think we both were just saying when you turn on the news nowadays there's so much going on in the world so it's fun to do like a event relax and looking at dogs and costumes there's nothing funnier than that and i just saw giant saint bernard skin tight outfit so just to be a part of an organization like this it makes me so giddy 'cause i love dogs so much allergies there you see my eyes are watering taking benadryl but i don't wanna pass out like before this whole thing get started so because canine i'm just thinking there's another team for an artery there that another thing serious gods to bring a dog like this to a sit down then basset hounds downstairs in the green room because they're very like diva ish and all the dogs are so well behaved because they are highly trained service animals yeah this organization so great because they provide.

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