Japan, International Whaling Commission, NPR discussed on BBC World Service


Neighboring Malaysia is considering a similar Bill for NPR news. I'm Michael Sullivan in Chiang Rai Thailand. Asian markets are trading. Mostly lower on Wednesday. Trading resumes in US finance. Markets after they were closed for the Christmas holiday on Monday. The Dow plunged more than six hundred points amid a sharp drop off in all the major US markets. Japan says it plans to withdraw from the International Whaling Commission and return to commercial whaling Japanese media report the government made the decision after determining it would be too hard to resume commercial railing while wailing while remaining in the body, the International Whaling Commission imposed a moratorium on the practice in the eighties citing a significant decrease in the whale population Japan. Japan maintains most whale species are not endangered and eating whale is part of its culture. You're listening to NPR news. Support for NPR comes from dream wave maker of luxury massage chairs from Japan with shiatsu point detection and sixteen program to massages including morning night and stretch sessions retailers nationwide. More dream wave chair dot com. And the Annie E Casey foundation. That news. Welcome to Newsday. Shaimaa Khalil and Alex Richardson in in a moment the latest on the mean, Indonesia, Syria and Israel far missiles at each other. I Don correspondent looks back on how life for Venezuelans and Kim has changed over the last year. And it's Donald Trump. Right. When he says Moore longing. Could mean fewer forest fires. Remember, you can keep up. On plus four four.

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