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Hello and welcome to seven years. Where every episode we look at a different aspect of technology from literal wires in the ground to switches and routers and all the way up to the exploding amount of smart devices around us. I'm your host. Connor craven associate editor at sdn central. This week we are continuing to look at it security in just a moment. You'll hear from justin tony pele. Ceo of wire wheel. If you haven't listened to our last episode zero trust security. I highly recommend going back and giving a lesson before justin. I began our conversation. I want to leave any longer. Please sit back and enjoy my interview with justin antoni pillay of wire wheel alright listeners. I'm joined today by the. Ceo of wire wheel. Justin tony pele. Hello justin how're you connor. Great to meet you and thanks for having me on today. Yeah so what is your experience with. It security what gives you a knowledgeable perspective connor. Thanks for having me on so wire. Wheel is a data privacy and data protection company and we help companies around the world comply with european laws like the european general data protection regulation or a growing number of data privacy laws here in the us. And you've probably seen connor the california law and the virginia privacy law I also served in the obama administration ultimately as the acting under secretary for economic affairs. So i ran the part of the government that includes the us census bureau and the bureau of economic analysis and connor. You can imagine how much time we spend in the administration thinking about it security for the census bureau which is one of the critical critical Parts of our government. I and i also had a lot of Stead a lot of time and helping the team as As the obama administration was releasing the nist cyber guidelines which you know have been kind of central control framework for it security so that's our background From the privacy side almost every privacy compliance law connor includes it security requirements and so Our platform often is leveraging or integrating with other it security platforms as well. Yeah it definitely seems like you have a storied past in. It security and definitely influenced fill..

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