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Judge court I'm not a betting person but if I were I would probably think that that was that would be the outcome You know looking at all these cases in different states across the country where voting rights are being restricted or redistricting is eliminating minority constituencies It seems like it's an assault on democracy Well you know I believe very firmly that there's a huge amount of agreement in this country that all eligible voters should be able to cast a vote And I also think there's a lot of agreement that that vote should be free of fraud and to be secure So I think at a very basic level we all agree what the basic ingredients are for our democracy And then I also think that while it's certainly the case that states around the country are constricting access to the ballot in ways that make people upset and angry because they see it as politically motivated It's also the case that it remains very easy to cast a ballot relatively speaking today than ever has in the history of this country for example many states have lots of avenues for early voting and many states have more looser absentee billing policies and so forth And so I think it's easy to think that democracy is in downward spiral but I think if you kind of go back to the basics I think there's a lot of reason for people to have faith in the confidence in the process Okay Rebecca will end this segment on a hopeful note That's Rebecca green a professor and co director of the election law program at William and Mary law school Coming up next Facebook and Google face.

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