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Actually a couple of prods I want to talk about today. Okay, well, not serums, though. Oh, well, I actually kind of have a serum thing to mention too. So before we do that, let me just tell you this is mini episode where we hear from you. We share your comments and your thoughts, and we answer your questions to the best of our ability. But please remember we are a podcast host. We're not experts. We always encourage you to seek support first and foremost from a medical and or mental health professional as needed. If you want to reach us, our voicemail and text number is 781-591-0390 and our email is forever 35 podcast at Gmail dot com. That's also where you can send us a voice memo. If you're a voice memo. Yes, you can visit our website forever 35 podcast dot com for links to everything we mentioned on the show. We are on Twitter if February 35 pod or on Instagram, if ever 35 podcasts, you can join the forever 35 Facebook group at Facebook dot com slash groups slash forever 35 podcast, the password is serums. We also have a newsletter at February 35 podcast dot com slash newsletter. And you can shop everything we mentioned on the show at shop dot U.S. slash forever 35. Okay, so let's hear it. Where are you coming in hot with this prod rack? It's not in our show Doc. And so I like the element of surprise that's being used here. So it's actually an advertiser. Oh. I wonder who it could be. Hold on. Should this be obvious to me or should I be surprised? I don't know. I don't know, Kate. I don't know. Are you going to be surprised or are you going to be like, oh yeah, of course. I'm ready. Okay, I'll just tell you, it's glad skin. Go on. It's so funny you said this. I was literally just getting out there eczema cream last night. Okay, go on. Okay, so I did use their eczema cream last night. That patch on my neck, that flares up every so often. But I have been using their face wash, oh, the gentle, the gentle cleanser. The face wash for eczema prone skin. It's a gel to milk. Oh yes, that's what it's called, excuse me, gel to milk. Okay. But I have also, when I've been wearing makeup, I've been using their makeup remover. Okay. And you are having a positive experience here. I am having a positive experience. Now, these are very gentle. Very gentle. Now, the makeup remover gets the job done. It is not drying whatsoever. Okay. I really, I really like it. It has four ingredients. Oof. That's good. I like that. Which is nice. There's no alcohol. Which is drying. There's no fragrance. I mean, give me a prod without fragrance. I love that. Dory is not here for your fragrance. And we should clarify this is not like a sponsored segment. I don't even know if they're advertising on this episode. Yeah, no, I just was like, oh, I actually kept meaning to mention it and I forgot. And then I also really like their face wash. Again, very gentle. So if you're someone who likes like a deep exfoliation or you like your skin to feel tingly or whatever, this is probably not the face wash for you. If you are worried about drying out your skin, if you have eczema prone skin, I've really been liking this. So that's my wreck. This also has four ingredients. That's really, I mean, I've been using the eczema cream on one of my kids who has really bad eczema on their ears. And the back of her ear, and it's really, it's been very soothing. I just help her put it on every night, and it's been it really works. I mean, and also we should say that we have a code. You can get 15% off. We do have a cultural shipping. We have a code. We have a code. The code is forever 35. No, excuse me. It's glad skin dot com slash forever 35. Go there for 15% off and free shipping. If any of these products intrigue you, ador, you know it, and you know an endurance mint is hard to get, you know? Okay. Yes, and indoors when it is hard to get, but I also do just want to say, I have very specific things that I like. Like I just discussed. And so if that is not your vibe, that's fine. But if you, like me, hate fragrance in your products. You want something gentle but effective. You don't want anything drying. I mean, get on up in there. Okay. Well, I have a product a couple product recommendations because I finally tried products from violette underscore. I believe she's an influencer, a French influencer, so you know immediately I was like, sucked in. Okay, I'm not familiar with the violet. So I've someone mentioned one of these products. I think it was one of the gals from glos Angeles. Someone has mentioned this brand before on the show. And I had never heard of it. And if I'm not crediting the right guest, I apologize. But it has been mentioned. I came to their products at a very roundabout way in which I was watching a stylist's video on YouTube, the stylist that I follow, and she did like a closet clean out with the founder of violet, which her name might even be violent. I don't know. Anyway, interesting. So then it was like going to go over and look at her prods. And then I kind of remembered that someone had mentioned their stuff. And I was like, oh, can't resist. Why don't I procrastinate and buy some things? Because they have this stuff called boom boom milk, which is a three one boom milk. Yeah, boom, boom milk story. The space milk. Got it. Okay. It's essentially a toner a serum and a moisturizer in one milky spray. Oh, okay. So you know that hits like all my sweet spots. I love them. I love a milky, and I love a spray, and I love a toner, and I love a serum, and I love moisture. So I got the travel size I'm traveling this weekend. I also didn't want to buy the larger size and not like it. And this stuff is great. I love it. It's super hydrating. You can use it on its own, but I also use it and then put moisturizer on. So I have really been loving this boom boom milk. And then I also got their fragrance, this may be how I came to it. They have a fragrance called avec amour and it's a perfume oil. And I've been just leaving it at my desk. The scent doesn't last very long on me. I think I like something stronger, but it's kind of a nice amber Musk veta ver smell. And I like it. I also got a couple other of their products that I'm trying out. One is like a highlighter stick that I am linking and then one is a sheer lipstick that does nothing for me. So that's a bit of a bummer, but I also am trying their balm shine universal highlighter stick. And that's been kind of nice. So their products are nice. This boom moon milk is great. Really into the boom boom milk. Do I need boom boom milk? No, don't get it. You have enough stuff and you well, no, let's be honest. You okay, you stick to what you like, and you have the things you use. And you just got rid of stuff. And so I'm telling you, don't add to the pile. Wow. This is the most firm I've ever been about anything that I seriously came in hot. I don't know if you do. I don't know if you do need boom boom milk, but

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