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Going for my seventy pound to my two hundred fifty pound how much easier to draw medal out and move material. It's like it feels like it requires about seventy percent of the effort to do the same amount of work. So I can only imagine going down instead of up to a railroad track. It can certainly be done. I mean, if you ever watched forged in fire, like there's people that win it that are like in a farm making knives with like a satellite dish full of charcoal. So I mean, there's really no excuse if you have something hard. I mean it it can be done, but it's just kind of how much effort you wanna put a new it. And I feel like like. Any hobby or getting into anything, the better tools you start out with the better your, you know, you're just going to have a better time working with it. It's going to be more encouraging to work with better tools. If that makes sense. That makes sense. Not accents. Kind of getting started off on the right foot. Yeah, exactly. I mean, you're having better tools, makes everything more fun. So I mean, I wouldn't I if it's if it's like nothing or railroad and Ville and go through road and Bill. But if he can spring for something a little bit nicer, just void anything cast iron. Check your Craigslist because I bet where you're at. There's probably a lot of stuff floating around there. There are a lot. I've been checking in checking for longtime us if this than that I had been all of the people around me are selling them as like collector's item smokes. Yes, the go. Yeah. Like this is a, you know, eighteen seventy eight Gordon blah blah, blah. And it's, you know, nine hundred dollars or something like that. Where I don't need it to be like I like having old stuff, but it doesn't need to be something could be at attached. But a while ago, it seems like five dollars a pound is like that's output that broke out there for a minute. It's going to say a while ago, five dollars a pound was like what you'd pay for a premium like should never spend more money than that for an annual five dollars a pound. That would be like a really nice and Bill at, you know, so. But it depends. I mean, certain bills like, hey, buttons are the fetch a lot of money and some Peter rights, and you know, there's a lot of brands out there, but. It's I feel like institute for his knife on a steel plate over concrete block. Yeah, I mean something else, here's here's something else. It's crazy. So have I got a deal for you William. If you guys are familiar with Clift Clifton CJ deafen him on the whom I following or whatever segment that we we've been doing for two years. I don't remember the name of. So when I went up there to forge hammers with him and John area ni up in New Jersey, we got to talking. And are you familiar with switch blocks? Spelt. Sway JR blocks. Yeah. Yeah. So it seems like nobody's made those for like a hundred years and. Amber alerts her. Yeah. So it seems like the only patterns that are available now are for spoon making and stuff. They don't have any of the bolsters the holes for drifting in that sort of thing. So we got talking and we kinda decided, well, maybe we should get into making these and pairing them up with striking and bills. If anybody's watched Alix steel before you know what? A striking in villas. It's pretty much just a giant hunk of stem. I soft steel usually mild steel that's meant to be able to be wailed on. It's not quite as hard, but it's, you know, as most of your bills. But the reason being is you can use, it's for striking. You can use a big heavy hammer, not have to worry about, you know, sharp pieces of high carbon steel breaking off and sticking in your leg or whatever can happen with some of the higher carbon stuff. But anyway, we're, we're planning on producing one of those. I'm getting a block water jet cut this week, so we'll keep you posted on that. If that's something you're interested in. Probably be a good compromise between railroad track and like a spendy and Ville. Okay. Follow up question..

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