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That's right evidence. Where are you buddy. If you jay. Mac daddy that's right. Well they're sending eleven and a half over under wins. Yes i've talked about this before and we're going back. I mean. I didn't say tom until the end of the His career and i'm not gonna do it now. Is is flawed stacked. He's fallen so i wouldn't touch the over there personally. Yup tom through forty. Tv's last year the second Most of his career he do the fifty seven that moss year. Right so i. I'll rephrase that if there's anything that i would you know take against tall. It'd be his personal stats. I don't think he's gonna have quite that year again. Yeah yeah doesn't probably need to with them. Most the band's back the d. And all of that. Well i mean how impressive is that like. He comes in new team new coordinators and they just start all know camp really but i mean you know. The defense is not too shabby when you have my boy sue and j p p and shack all coming out yet. Pretty tough near the last eight games last year the they gave up nineteen point one points per game so then keeping them lower. Yeah exactly and then you know if it wasn't for leflore for green base just terrible coaching in the nfc championship game. Who knows what happened. I think they'll win that division. Well yeah they probably will. Who's going to be number two. I'm going with the foulkes. Falcons are gonna ball quite possibly might want to sprinkle a little bit on them to win. The division. The falcons. I the raiders. So you're gone and before we sign off here and talk about tom. Let's not forget ladies and gentlemen. You could win a tom. Brady autograph pitcher an autographed picture from tom when he was with the patriots. Gist give us rate and review us on apple podcasts..

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