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There is this crazy kind. Of like i would say. There are many parts in this movie that feel like crouching tiger hidden dragon with like the wire work and things like that and i think that's a style that he kind of picked up later in the movie and then but when we first meet him he is doing a lot of this crazy. Jackie chan type action. I'm talking about in the trailer. We see the subway scene where aquafina not subway. The bus seen rocco fina is driving the bus. That's out of control. And he's fighting razor fist on the bus. And we've all seen that on the trailer and that is very like jackie chan like i mean not as far as like his performance being comical although aquafina is very funny but just the way he kind of moves in some of the stuff that he does. It feels very jackie chan. Watching that scene. And i'll tell you one thing wants. That scene starts with the whole boss when the musical score kicks in it is fucking awesome and it gets you pumped to watch. This is really awesome. But yeah there's definitely different fighting styles in this and very crouching tiger hidden dragon. I also felt like it's it's not it's not it's almost raid level like but you don't get the the blood. There is a little bit of blood in this movie but it you don't get like massive amounts of blood and all the bone crunching bone bone breakage that you'd get in a raid movie but it feels very much like arrayed movie as far as like of the different stances in the way that they do fight and i swear there's this the bias and i square to you. He does a flying kick and it looks just like johnny cage's shadow kick from mortal kombat and it is fucking awesome. I i lost my shit when i saw that. So wait man. Yeah quinton quinton roberts from the real zodiac podcast asks. Does the movie move forward or is it purely an origin story. It's both it's both It's an origin story. But it's not purely in origin story and it but it does move the mc you forward where. I can't really get into that so but yes it does there is..

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